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Advertising for Hotels – Tips & tricks for your Google Ads campaigns

With over 700,000 hotels around the world, it’s not surprising that the hotel industry is one of the most competitive markets nowadays. In addition, 83% of hotel reservations are made online, indicating that digital marketing plays a critical role in the hotel industry. Hence it’s extremely important that we use Google Ads to advertise our services, and make sure we’re doing it cleverly. Advertising for Hotels easy and clever!

If you’re a hotel owner and would like to start or improve your advertising on Google Ads, here are some effective tips to make your money work. 

TIP 1: Go for Google Ads Search campaigns

Did you know that 75% of people use Search when looking for a hotel (or any other type of accomodation)? It actually makes sense, because Display or Video campaigns depend on other resources: Display ads are shown within websites or applications, and video ads appear along with YouTube videos. By contrast, Search ads appear directly on the results when a person types something in the search box. Moreover, these ads appear as a list, allowing people to easily compare their options

TIP 2: Use free Google Ads management tools

Take advantage of the free tools that can be found on the Internet, so that you don’t need to manually analyze and control your Google Ads campaigns (this can sometimes be a cumbersome process). We recommend using the Clever Ads’ Campaign Creator, a software specialized in the creation of Google Ads’ campaigns for hotels, motels, inns, and other accommodations. Also, when ads are already running, you can use the free Clever Ads Google Ads Audit tool to see the performance of your campaigns and get tips on how to optimize them

TIP 3: Use Broad Match Modifier and Negative Keywords

When people search for a hotel, they usually want it to fulfill some specific requirements -either an adjusted price, a central location, an indoor pool, or a gym. Use Google’s Broad Match Modifier (indicated with a “+”) to bid on keywords that describe the features of your hotel, so that you’ll be found when people look for those features. Likewise, use Negative Keywords (indicated with a “-”) to exclude non-relevant searches for your business

As an orientation, you can use a free Google Keyword Planner to check the websites of hotels that are similar to yours, so that you can get an idea of which keywords are searched by their guests. 

TIP 4: Bid on your own hotel’s brand name

You may think: why should I pay for an ad for people that already know my hotel, and are directly searching for me? Well, your potential guests are probably looking for a link to book a room at your hotel, and it’s very likely that several Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are offering that link over the organic results.

In addition, your hotel’s name is the keyword with the cheapest cost per click you’ll find, because you own the brand itself. And the conversion rate will probably be really high, meaning that you’ll be maximizing your return on investment.

TIP 5: Outrank OTAs and booking engines

There’s a bidding strategy on Google Ads called Target Outranking Share that enables you to appear on top of any OTA or booking engine that is bidding on the same keywords as you. When using this strategy, just indicate the websites you want to outperform and the percentage.


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TIP 6: “Last-minute” and “Near me” hotel campaigns

Searches like “hotels near me” and last-minute hotel offers are among the 20 most searched hotel-related keywords. This indicates that creating a last-minute campaign on Google Ads will probably result in a lot of clicks. Also using a geo-targeting strategy could help you to be reached by potential guests that are close to your accommodation and are looking for a place to stay.

As proved, Google Ads can definitely be the weapon to hunt your future guests. If you’d like to try this platform for free to see if it works for your hotel, you can get a free 120 USD Google ads promo coupon here. Don’t miss out!

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