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BigCommerce eCommerce Ads integration by Clever

eCommerce Ads by Clever Ads is one of the top indispensable BigCommerce integrations. The app creates custom-made ad Google Ads campaigns tailored to grab your customers attention across Display, Search, Shopping and Video channels. 

Why should I use Clever Ads at my BigCommerce Ads (BigCommerce integration)?

Because doing so will boost your store’s performance and it’s for free!  Get your Google ads with a Premier Google Partner. By doing so, you can receive high quality and relevant traffic without lifting a finger. Our experienced team at Clever Ads’ BigCommerce integration will automatically create Google Ads campaigns that can be ready to be displayed on the Search Network in just 4 days!

These Google ads are strategically created and displayed in such a way that they will reach the right audience at the right time. This allows you to maximize your use out of your budget so you are able to allocate your marketing resources elsewhere. Google Ads by Clever Ads will gear your Google ads towards people who are actually searching for your products – not just those who stumble upon your ads by accident. This kind of specific audience-targeting will increase your chances of seeing conversions.

So, sit back and relax while we create, upload and optimize your Google Ads campaigns for free. Now, you can concentrate on what you do best: running your business and bringing in the dough!

What does Google Ads by Clever Ads offer for free?

By signing up for Clever Ads, you’ll receive a ton of benefits including personalized Google Ads campaigns created just for your eCommerce business!

Our team will create Google Ads search campaigns with the goal of creating personalized campaigns that will be seen by customers as they search for your exact products on Google. By creating strong, long tail keywords, our team aims to catch all of your potential customers and bring the most relevant traffic to your store!

By creating Google Ads display campaigns, we are able to target the people that are most likely to be interested in your products by displaying banner and text ads! In case this still doesn’t bring in the traffic you deserve, we also create Google Ads remarketing campaigns that are aimed toward previous visitors of your site who left without making a purchase. These campaigns allow us to follow them and remind them of your products, by enticing them to make a purchase!

And what about Google Ads shopping campaigns? These campaigns are created to increase the quality of your leads by featuring specific product information directly in your Google ads. This information includes specific product images, descriptions and prices, all created to encourage viewers to visit your site and make a purchase!


Pricing Options for Google Ads by Clever Ads

When it comes to pricing options, we have various plans you can choose from.

Our Basic plan is perfect for stores that want to get simple campaigns and see a part of what our software is capable of for free. 

  • Mail support
  • Banners
  • Keyword generation 
  • Remarketing
  • Search and display campaigns
  • Pixel Integration

Our Pro plan will give you access to some of our advanced features, such as Google Shopping campaigns creation for only 29$/month. 

  • All the features of the basic plan
  • Google Shopping feed creation
  • Google Shopping feed management 
  • Google Shopping feed support
  • Google Shopping campaigns creation
  • Google Shopping campaigns optimization
  • Banner editor tool access

The Premium plan is the pack you need if you want to take your campaigns´ performance. We will be working with you closely and your Google Ads account to optimize the campaigns so that you get you the highest ROI possible for 49$/month so you can enjoy incredible benefits! 

  • All the features of the basic and pro plan
  • Dedicated account manager 
  • Account review and goal settings
  • Phone call support 
  • Updates campaigns with new added products 
  • Google ads campaign optimization 
  • Professional banner creation 
  • Placement for display campaigns
  • Seasonal campaigns creation
  • Responsive search ads creation 
  • Competitor keyword bidding

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