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Seasonal Marketing: How to Make the Most of It

Seasonal Marketing: Tricks for business success At Clever Ads we always talk about seasonal marketing as something to take into account while planning marketing strategies and ad campaigns. Especially throughout Q4 of every year, key dates follow each other and are opportunities that we have to take advantage of to spread the word about what […]

Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

The Best Free Chrome Extensions for SEO – Boost your SEO Strategy! Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world – and it’s not surprising after taking a closer look at all the functions it offers. Among its most useful features are the Chrome extensions for SEO -quickly-accessed software tools that can […]

Coronavirus Impact and Repercussions

How the COVID-19 Is Impacting Businesses’ Online Advertising Strategies and What to Do Most businesses have either been impacted or in some way have been completely crippled by COVID-19. Companies around the world are trying to measure the impact it has had on our field. And Clever Ads is here to help! We’ve put together […]

Search Marketing for Dummies

Search Marketing for Dummies: Essential Things to Know We have pretty much become global citizens nowadays, with the internet dominating every activity and connection that we have. Of course, same for shopping, most consumers do product research online, making search marketing an essential for any e-commerce business that wants to succeed. But what are search […]

Keyword Optimization Best Practices

Keyword Optimization: How to discover new keywords by monitoring search terms Before we look into keyword optimization, let’s do a short recap of all the necessary information. Here are some questions you’ll want to be able to answer: What are keywords? What are search terms? What is the difference between the two? Once these have […]

The Best Slack Groups for Marketers

Slack Groups All Marketers Should Join In this post we are going to give you infor about some Slack groups or communities which, if you are a Marketer or an industry expert, you should know and join! What is Slack?  Slack is a tool that is used to communicate with your team, but it’s much […]

Coronavirus’ Business Impact on Google Ads

Coronavirus Business Evolution: When, why and how to get ready to invest on Google Ads   In this unprecedented situation surrounded with a lot of uncertainty and things changing daily, there is only one thing we can say for sure:  Coronavirus impact on health, society and economy evolved into a global event with consequences all […]

Clever Ads MS Teams App Review

Clever Ads MS Teams – Features, Uses & Benefits Microsoft Teams and similar collaborative software are a joy to use and have helped teams work together in a better and more organized way. For companies using Google Ads or agencies managing Google Ads accounts for their clients, these platforms are usually the best way to […]

Clever Ads Slack Community Guidelines

Slack Community Guidelines – What our community is for! The Clever Ads Slack community is a free digital marketing community run entirely through Slack. It’s a place where marketers and industry experts worldwide can learn, share and grow their online advertising strategies. You can use the community to network with like-minded people, find Digital Marketing […]

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