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Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics for Beginners: the Ultimate Guide If you own a website, you have probably already implemented Google Analytics on it. This is one of the first things a web owner needs to do. However, having implemented it is not the same as knowing how to use it. If you’re among those who are unfamiliar […]

Productivity Tools for Newly Remote Work Situation

Quarantine & Remote Work: a Marketer’s Reflections Over the last few days we’ve been experiencing something completely new, something that moves us out of our comfort and routine. We’ve been ordered to follow strict restrictions and change our daily life radically, starting with a remote work situation. Thousands of companies and workers have had to […]

Digital Marketing Reporting: Instagram Ads

Digital marketing metrics & reporting for Instagram Ads and more If you are in charge of at least one digital marketing campaign you are officially a digital marketer. Does not matter if you are working for an agency that manages campaigns, for a big brand or if you are running your e-commerce store or blog. […]

Best Google Slack Apps and Integrations for your workspace

Discover the Google Slack Tools You Can Combine! Ever have a sense of clutter during your work day? Even if your desk might be in a very presentable fashion, the clutter comes from the online aspect when working off your computer. If you are someone who uses Slack during their work day, there may be […]

Best free Google tools for online advertising by Clever Ads

Discover the most powerful free Google tools developed by Clever Ads Normally, when we want to do something on our website, from writing a post to creating a campaign in some social media or Google ads, going through an infographic or creating an attractive image, we need tutorials and tools that make our work easier. […]

5 Top Keyword Research Tips

5 Tips for an Effective Keyword Research When building the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy of your website, the most important thing that you have to do is choosing the right keywords you want your website be ranking for. But this is not an easy task and it will require […]

Keyword Planner Tools: “How to use” Guide for your Google Ads strategy

How to use a Keyword Planner Tool for building successful Google Ads campaigns. There are many reasons why you should use a keyword planner tool. For one, keywords are important for positioning your site in terms of SEO, SEM, and even social media. Whatever strategy you choose to implement, you need to use a keyword […]

Don’t Miss These Google Ads News!

Learn the latest Google Ads News In this article, we bring you the latest Google Ads news for 2020. Read carefully, put them into practice, and see real results that will benefit your store! There are so many ways to improve your Google Ads with our free tools. If you’re looking for some inspiration or […]

How to find your Google Ads long-tail keywords: 4-Steps Guide.

How to create the best converting long-tail keywords for your Google Ads   As Google Ads bids become increasingly expensive, Google advertisers are trying to find tricks to advertise at a lower price. As short-tail keywords are highly competitive and are getting more and more expensive over time, advertisers are searching for long-tail keywords. Long-term […]

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