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If you’re looking for the best eCommerce tips and tricks to help you with your business, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll cover everything related to the subject: SEO, PPC, social media, marketing psychology, design, branding, brand awareness, creativity etc.

eCommerce Ads by Clever Frequently Asked Questions

eCommerce Ads by Clever FAQs Any doubt? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions! FAQS 1- Do I need a Google Ads account? This is the first frequently asked question which everybody have. The answer is yes, you should have your own account. If you don’t have an account don’t worry, the app can create a […]

Clever Ads’ interviews: Machine Learning genius!

We Interview our Machine Learning genius, Fernando Constantino We interview to Fernando Constantino, Co-Founder and Machine Learning developer in Clever Ads. What made you start your own business? Fernando Constantino: I, along with my partners Manuel Climent and Rodrigo Muñoz, thought there was a business opportunity (there were just low quality apps to build adwords […]

How to Generate Leads in Sales

Knowing how to get sales leads is essential to improving the success of your ecommerce. However, while it is important, it’s not necessarily easy. That is why we have laid out some tips on how to get sales leads and advertise like a pro!

PrestaShop customization

We show You all the steps for a basic PrestaShop customization. “You should always focus on making your PrestaShop store look professional and trustworthy, using theme PrestaShop customization is the best way to do this”. While also giving it a unique identity. It is important to give your store a unique identity that will differentiate […]

How to Improve your BigCommerce SEO Strategy

So much so that, SEO has nothing to do with what it was a couple years ago. That’s why it’s really important, especially for ecommerce business, to be updated of the last tried-and-true SEO strategies. In this post you will learn about the newest BigCommerce SEO techniques you shouldn’t wait a second to apply to your business.

AdWords Campaigns for your Business

Do you want to know all about what Clever ecommerce can do for you? Are you curious about how your campaigns are created? Find out how our marketing tools create the most complete adwords campaigns for your business, and understand how exactly these campaigns work.

7 ways to choose the best keywords for your Adwords Campaigns

Effectively utilizing keywords = increase your eCommerce sales   Keywords are the groundwork of any Adwords campaign, and if incorrectly selected, they will not be beneficial to your company. Here are the steps you should take when selecting your Google Adwords keywords. Read here to learn more about Google Ads for eCommerce. #1 Decide what […]

Why choosing BigCommerce vs Magento?

BigCommerce vs Magento Picking the right online store platform is essential. Choosing an eCommerce platform that doesn’t fit your business could be the end of it before even starting. You should choose your platform wisely and how to leverage it for offering your customers the experience they demand. That’s why today we will evaluate BigCommerce […]

Google Ads Creator

Google Ads Creator

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