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Learn the latest Google Ads News

In this article, we bring you the latest Google Ads news for 2020. Read carefully, put them into practice, and see real results that will benefit your store!

There are so many ways to improve your Google Ads with our free tools. If you’re looking for some inspiration or new ways to improve, you’re in the right place!

Audit your campaigns…

This can be really helpful to see the strengths and weaknesses of your ads. A Google Ads audit can serve as a neutral third party when assessing the areas of your campaigns you can improve on.

Here you can audit your Google Ads campaigns for free! This tool from Clever Ads gives you professional Google Ads optimization advice and useful data and statistics that can be used to see the aspects of your campaigns that are performing well, and the ones that are not. 

Do some keyword research…

The only way for your ads to be seen is if people are using words that are relevant to them. It’s easy to guess what people might search, but it is worth your while to do some research to make sure you are bidding on the best and most effective keywords. 

Keep in mind that when doing this, it is not always beneficial to use keywords with the highest search volumes. It’s beneficial to use keywords that are unique to your brand and that others are not already bidding for. This is because highly searched keywords are more competitive, and the search results are harder to stand out in. 

Some helpful tools to use when conducting your research are Google Analytics and Clever Ads Keyword Planner

Use ad extensions…

Extensions are great for adding useful information and links to your ads. 

They’re great for adding links to specific categories and landing pages on your e-commerce site to lead customers directly to what they want. 

Ad extensions are also useful for Google Ads optimization because they give you the opportunity to add more information that can be enticing for potential customers. They give customers the chance to read a little bit more about what your product or service is, instead of just the heading of your ad. 

Don’t forget about mobile users…

Mobile phones are the most commonly used medium for people who are browsing the internet, so make sure your ads are properly designed to be attractive on mobile devices! 

In addition, make sure your website is also mobile friendly. Ads can only do so much! Once customers get to your site, it is important that the layout and functions are easy to navigate and use. Don’t lose a sale because of a confusing website!

Here you will find other tips for your Google Ads campaigns!

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