Google Advertising Tips & Tricks

Knowing how to get the most out of Google Ads isn’t easy. Budgets, campaign types, adjustment of bids, the structure of your account, keywords, the list goes on. The options are seemingly endless! The best Google Ads Tips here!

Clever Ads Keyword Tool

Discover the Best & Free Keyword Tool for your SEO Strategy Keyword planning, one of the most important aspects of SEO, yet it is often overlooked or not enough time is devoted to it. Before we dive any deeper, it is important to understand what a keyword is. Keywords are words that describe your page […]

Optimize Google Ads Campaigns

How to Optimize Google Ads Campaigns – Ads & Landing Pages   We have already seen that being up to date with digital trends is essential if we want to succeed and achieve the goals that we set for our e-commerce business. Optimizing and getting the most out of our Google Ads campaigns is going […]

Advertising Manager – All your Metrics in one Place

Advertising Manager – Can You Imagine Seeing the Metrics of All your Ads in one Place? Marketers are always looking to improve their paid advertising results, but why? By optimizing online advertising campaigns any business can get the most out of their marketing efforts. How do marketing experts optimize advertising ads results? The answer is […]

RLSA Google Ads – Remarketing List Search Ads

RLSA Google Ads – How to use and set them up. Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA Google Ads) allow advertisers to customize their search ads and target people that have previously visited their site, tailoring bids and ads to these specific visitors. They’ve been around since July 2021. For instance, when people leave their […]

How to use an Ad Creator effectively

Ad Creator – How to Attract the Right People to your Website Before we dive into why you ought to be using an Ad Creator, let’s remind ourselves of why Google Ads, in general, can be beneficial to businesses. There are so many reasons, but my top three are building brand awareness, maximizing return on […]

Hotel Advertising Tips & Tricks

Hotel Advertising – All the Options to Advertise your Business Online It is true that it has not been a good year for hotel chains, small hotels, and hostels, but now that we seem to have recovered a bit from the pandemic, people are eager to leave their homes and start traveling as soon as […]

Best Google Optimization Tools

Best Google Optimization Tools: Must-Have List Are you managing Google Ads campaigns and would like to improve them even more? In this article we show you the 10 key tools to improve your campaigns and get the most out of Google Ads. The management of online advertising campaigns requires a lot of time, effort and […]

The Best Google Advertising Solutions

Google Advertising Solutions – Take Everything under Control Being able to optimize your Google Ads campaigns and get the most out of your marketing efforts can be very challenging, especially for beginners. We will be reviewing how to start your Google Ads campaigns with all the different Google advertising solutions available with Clever Ads. All […]

Google Search Terms Guide

Google Search Terms – Choose the Best Keywords What are the Google Search Terms?   There is no doubt that we all have used search terms, those questions, or phrases, that you type into your search engine, like Google, in order to look for answers or information. We always turn to Google for answers to […]

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