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Back-to-school Sales

Back to school sales

Back-to-school Sales – How to Boost your Seasonal Marketing August is here and with its arrival come back-to-school campaigns. Little by little beach afternoons and vacation days are falling behind us and on the horizon we have back-to-school marketing sales waiting for every business owner. Back-to-school, in particular, school supplies, paper book or ebook sales allow opportunities to dive […]

Back to School Marketing Ideas

Back to School Marketing Ideas

The first thing you need to do before implementing your back to school marketing strategy is to make sure you have the right products in your ecommerce store to market. You can check which products were more popular in terms of back to school sales the previous years and highlight them in your store. You can also get product insights externally by checking your market trends on Google Trends free tool.

display ads guide

Display Ads guide

Display Ads: all you need to know Display ads are image and video ads shown to people as they browse websites, apps, and social media. They are one of the best ways to raise awareness of your business. With this kind of advertising, you can boost your business and convert more web browsers into customers. […]

google ads conversion tracking guide

Google Ads Conversion Tracking Guide

Google Ads Conversion Tracking: learn step by step If you have ever done advertising campaigns on any platform (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.), you’ve probably heard of the term conversions. A conversion occurs when a user or visitor completes a desired action on your eCommerce or website, achieving your campaign goal. It doesn’t always necessarily mean […]

advertise on bing

Advertise on Bing (Guide)

Advertise on Bing: How to set up a Microsoft Ads campaign Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft. It has been in existence since 2009. Bing Ads is Microsoft’s advertising platform and offers a variety of features, such as geo-targeting, demographic targeting and the ability to advertise on Bing.  Almost 95% of users who […]

ads management guide

Ads Management Guide

Ads Management: How to manage your campaigns and those of your clients If you are already using social media schedulers, SEO software, and team-focused apps, what if you could group the following paid advertising platforms into one tool? Read about ads management!  ✅Google Ads ✅Microsoft Ads ✅Facebook Ads ✅Instagram Ads ✅Twitter Ads Read our blog […]

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is not just for Amazon Prime! Prime Day 2022 has finally arrived. Often considered a powerhouse in the world of eCommerce, Amazon Prime Day is the unofficial start to the holiday sales season. These 48 hours will be full of deals, payment in 1-Click, and a whole lot of advertising frenzy. Check our marketing […]

13 Bing advertising best practices

13 Bing advertising best practices

13 Best practices on how to approach Bing advertising & best tools for the job Bing Advertising (formerly known as Bing Ads or Microsoft Ads) is one of the most powerful online advertising platforms. But that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to get the best results from it. After all, there are many different […]

Microsoft Ads promo code

Microsoft Ads Promo Code

Microsoft Ads Promo Code: Claim your $75 Credit Looking for a Microsoft Ads promo code? Redeem your $75 credit and grow your business by reaching the right audiences on Microsoft Bing Network. Not sure about advertising in Microsoft? Take advantage of our promotional code and start advertising with the guarantee of an Elite Microsoft Partner. […]

Google Ads Creator

Google Ads Creator

Have your Google Ads campaigns created by experts. Get your own Search, Display, Retargeting and Shopping Ads campaigns effortlessly. Attract people right when they are searching for your products on Google.

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