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google terms

Google Ads Term Dictionary

Google Ads Term Basic and Advanced Dictionary Today we want to help you understand the numerous and difficult concepts of Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). Making it so when it comes to carrying out Marketing Strategies and Advertising Campaigns for your businesses, you’ll be able to understand everything and there will be no […]

colors and marketing

Colors and Marketing – The Best Relationship Ever

Colors and Marketing: all You Need to Know about Color Psychology Social Networking has become the only way in which people can interact without risking anyone’s life during the uncertainties of COVID-19, and photography has impacted the social networks since the beginning because it allows people as well as businesses to show, in an image, […]

utm google analytics

How to create UTM codes in Google Analytics

UTM Google Analytics: How to Create UTM codes on Google Analytics Are you looking to boost your marketing strategy? Do you need advanced tracking for your digital campaigns? The UTM Google Analytics parameters will certainly come in handy then.  While you may be clear about the need to use tracking parameters in your URLs, you […]

facebook report

Facebook Report for Marketing: All You Need to Know

How to do your Facebook Report for Marketing  The Facebook Ads Manager will reflect how your advertising is achieving your business goals. Both Facebook and Instagram results will be shown in the Ads Manager. Check your campaigns dates and objectives, measure performance, or view in detail a specific ad or ad set, check your Facebook […]

spring ideas

Custom Banners for Your Spring Ads

Spring Ads – How to personalize your Banners Seasonal Marketing is an essential time for you and your products. Have you prepared your Spring Ads Strategy? We’re here to help you Personalize your Spring Banner Campaigns and Display Advertising! Display ads and Banners for your Spring Ads In one of our previous blog posts, we […]

campaign bid simulator

Google Ads Checklist: Your 8 Steps for Google Ads Optimization

Google Ads Checklist: The 8 Must-Do’s for Your Google Ads Audit    To put it bluntly, when working on your Google Ads campaigns optimization there will never be a moment where you’re completely finished. The Google Ads checklist that I will propose to you is something you will have to check periodically. The fact of the […]

campaign bid simulator

Campaign Bid Simulator FREE!

Campaign Bid Simulator: how to Invest on your Ads Campaigns? Have you ever struggled with Google Ads? Have you ever avoid creating a campaign thinking you might waste your time and investment? These are challenges that business owners have when promoting their products and services. That is why we came up with the Campaign Simulator […]

best apps for small business

Best Apps for Small Business during Quarantine

Best Apps for Small Business for these Coronavirus Days   Due to the current situation, WFH (working from home) has become essential for many different companies and especially SMBs must adapt technology to their current needs. Large companies or international companies are more likely to already have most of the different apps that can help […]

google adwords coupon

How to Activate your Google AdWords Coupon

Steps to Activating Your Google AdWords Coupon For many, the idea of online advertising is tempting but they might be hesitant to spend the money on it. This is completely understandable, and that’s why we are here to help! Clever Ads provides new Google Ads users the Google AdWords coupon that they need so they […]

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