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Google Ads Generator: Have your Google Ads campaigns created by Clever Ads

Google Ads Generator: Have your campaigns created for Free One of the many topics an e-commerce owner has to take into account to be successful is marketing. The truth is that not everyone is ready to carry all actions and be an expert in every tool. We will be explaining why automation is so important, […]

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Keyword Planner Tools: “How to use” Guide for your Google Ads strategy

How to use a Keyword Planner Tool for building successful Google Ads campaigns. There are many reasons why you should use a keyword planner tool. For one, keywords are important for positioning your site in terms of SEO, SEM, and even social media. Whatever strategy you choose to implement, you need to use a keyword […]

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Easily perform your Google AdWords Audit for free with Clever Ads

Using the free Google AdWords Audit by Clever Ads When running Google Ads campaigns, one of the most important things that you have to take care of is the campaign optimization and AdWords audit. This is a must if you want to achieve the highest ROI with your campaigns, decreasing the cost per click (CPC) […]

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Don’t Miss These Google Ads News!

Learn the latest Google Ads News In this article, we bring you the latest Google Ads news for 2020. Read carefully, put them into practice, and see real results that will benefit your store! There are so many ways to improve your Google Ads with our free tools. If you’re looking for some inspiration or […]

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Start your Journey on Google Ads: Free Advertising on Google for Beginners

Free Advertising on Google for Beginners: All You Need to Know If you know anything about Google Ads, you are aware of how confusing it is to get started with free advertising on Google. Finding the right combination of keywords, designing banners, setting a daily budget.. it can get overwhelming. Luckily, our team at Clever […]

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Google AdWords Coupon 2021: Start advertising on Google for free

How to Get a Google AdWords Promo Code Are you considering advertising your site on Google? Confused as to how to start your journey with Google Ads? Are you afraid of making the investment that is Google Ads? Don’t worry, Clever Ads has you covered! Get our Google AdWords coupon! Cleveralia has some of the […]

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How to find your Google Ads long-tail keywords: 4-Steps Guide.

How to create the best converting long-tail keywords for your Google Ads   As Google Ads bids become increasingly expensive, Google advertisers are trying to find tricks to advertise at a lower price. As short-tail keywords are highly competitive and are getting more and more expensive over time, advertisers are searching for long-tail keywords. Long-term […]

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