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How to Activate your Google AdWords Coupon

Steps to Activating Your Google AdWords Coupon For many, the idea of online advertising is tempting but they might be hesitant to spend the money on it. This is completely understandable, and that’s why we are here to help! Clever Ads provides new Google Ads users the Google AdWords coupon that they need so they […]

How to Have a Successful BigCommerce Store?

5 Tips to Create a Successful BigCommerce Store If you are looking to improve your BigCommerce Store, or simply you are just starting one new online business in this platform, here in this article you can find the five most important things every BigCommerce store owner should follow in order to be successful! #1 Advertise your […]

The best marketing ideas for Easter

Great Easter marketing ideas that your customers will love As we always like to emphasize at Clever Ads, seasonal marketing is essential when it comes to making special promotions for your products and giving a boost to your sales. Among the key dates for seasonal marketing, Easter is right around the corner! Which means we’re […]

Digital Advertising: concepts & use

What is Digital Advertising and Why You Need it? Digital advertising is a set of online marketing efforts on social media, emailing, search engines and other websites to reach existing and potential customers. Traditional marketing was focus in phone calls, advertising in magazines or newspapers and any other kind of print advertising. Digital marketing occurs […]

Learn how to make the most out of Google Analytics Reports

Using Google Analytics Reports for Better eCommerce Decisions #1 Get to know your customers with Audience Reports Through Google Analytics, you can gain knowledge about how your customers behave on your site. You also obtain access to demographic data so you can make decisions and optimize your store accordingly. Audience Reports provide insights about your […]

WordPress eCommerce guide

How can you build a WordPress eCommerce? Although WordPress began as a platform to make a blog, over time it has evolved to be a complete CMS to develop all kinds of web pages, including online stores, so WordPress eCommerce has become the best way to proceed if you are planning to become yourself an […]

Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics for Beginners: the Ultimate Guide If you own a website, you have probably already implemented Google Analytics on it. This is one of the first things a web owner needs to do. However, having implemented it is not the same as knowing how to use it. If you’re among those who are unfamiliar […]

Google Ads for eCommerce Guide

Google Ads eCommerce: the Ultimate Google Ads Guide Have you started a new eCommerce store and you’re struggling to get some traffic to your website? Or are you a consolidated store trying to get new customers? No matter what your current situation is, we are sure that Google Ads can help you with brand awareness […]

Setting up high-converting Banner Ads with Clever Ads’ Free Banner Maker

Keys to Master Banner Ads Design with Clever Ads Banner Maker It’s certainly a tough time for banners, with around 30% of internet users having ad blockers. Advertisers have to work extra hard to have their Banner Ads noticed and clicked on by users. Creating a high-performing Banner Ad depends on two main factors:  The […]

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Google Ads Creator

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