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Spring Ads – How to personalize your Banners

Seasonal Marketing is an essential time for you and your products. Have you prepared your Spring Ads Strategy? We’re here to help you Personalize your Spring Banner Campaigns and Display Advertising!

Display ads and Banners for your Spring Ads

In one of our previous blog posts, we talked extensively and in great detail about display ads and banners’ importance in your online advertising efforts. In a few words, banners are the perfect way to build awareness, generate leads and drive sales to your online store.

Spring campaigns are key for your seasonal marketing activities. If you want your brand to stay on the top of the mind of buyers during this season, you should devote part of your time in order to plan your marketing strategy. Do your online research in order to find inspiration and marketing ideas that are the best fit to your brand and product or service.

Today’s blog post will be devoted to display banners and how you can customize yours in order to make a difference this spring season.

What can you display on your spring banners?

Display advertising is one of the best ways to communicate the spring and sunshine vibes to your audience. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the best way to do this is using banners for your online advertising strategy. If you need some inspiration about what to display on your banners for spring, here are some ideas:

New arrivals

Notify potential customers about new additions to your online store. Buyers are always excited to check out new products. Use this opportunity in order to showcase them on your display banners and attract more customers’ attention

Special spring promotions

Give an extra incentive to your audience by running a promotion with a spring promo code which you can display on your advertising banners. Make sure your banners represent this spring feeling by adding flower patterns, pastel colors, plants etc. Make sure you reflect the special feeling that spring brings to everyone. 

Ideas for gifts

During the spring season, there are various special days for e-commerce such as Mother’s and Father’s Day. People will be looking for gift ideas so what’s better than offering them suggestions from your own store? Make sure you create special banners for Mother’s and Father’s Day in order to attract the attention of your audience and eventually bring them to product pages where they could purchase gifts for these special days.

How can you personalize your banners? 

Now that you have some ideas about content and elements to add on your spring banners, we can focus on how you can create your own personalized banners. The process of creating and personalizing banners has progressed to be easier and more accessible to everyone. There are a variety of tools online which you can use for doing so. 

Using the banner creator, you can get personalized Google Ads banners generated that you can later customize according to your needs and taste. You can choose to either have them automatically generated according to elements, categories, products or services found in your website, or you can choose to fully customize them from the start. Good news is, you don’t have to hire a graphic designer to take care of your banners. That’s an expense you can save from your budget and invest it somewhere else. 

During the manual process of creation you are able to choose the banner template, upload your logo and image, decide headline and description to best reflect your value proposition, select the font, colors, URL, customize the button and more. At the end of the process you are able to preview your creations, modify any last details you might want and download them in PNG or AMP format . 

To wrap things up!

Updating your advertising material each season is very important for your ad’s performance and critical for attracting traffic to your website. Make sure you keep your creativities updated and up to season. After all, even Google is recommending renewing Display Banner ads regularly to improve your ads’ performance and who knows better than Google themselves?

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