Ecommerce Ads Guide

Google Ads Pros:

– Bid for the keywords that are relevant to your store. – Show your ads to the customer at the very moment they are looking for them on the internet. – There’s a lot of metrics that you can use to measure the success of your campaigns. – Google Ads provides faster results compared to SEO actions which take longer to see results. – It is easy to create your first campaigns.

Google Ads Cons:

– It is easy to create the first campaigns but it will take more knowledge and time to optimize the campaigns. – If there’s a lot of stores advertising your same products, the cost of each click will increase. – If the campaign strategy is not well designed, it is  easy to lose money.

Facebook Ads Pros:

– Massive amount of users and time spent on the platform. – Targeting by interests instead of keywords. – Good choice to increase brand awareness. – You can directly sell on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Cons:

– Recent privacy problems caused them to lose a good amount of users. – Your ads are only viewable from the users feed. – If not well configured, the conversion rate can be really bad as you are targeting wrong people.

Instagram Ads Pros:

– Instagram is almost a fully visual social media, if you are selling beautiful or visually attractive products this is your chance to make your potential customers fall in love with your products. – Instagram and Facebook are connected, so it is easy to create a campaign for Instagram.

– Just like Facebook, Instagram is great to build brand awareness. – It is the perfect platform to use if you want to target mobile users, as most of their users access the platform by using the official app.

Instagram Ads Cons:

– Instagram ads CPC are high. – There are almost no campaign types. – The users are mostly young people, so if your products are not oriented towards this age range it is better to use another platform.

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