Facebook Ads + Google Sheets

Your Ads Metrics Under Control!

How to Use the Clever Ads Add-on

1. Open up the Google Spreadsheet where you want to work on your reports 2. Look at the top for the section Add-ons, and click on it 3. Click on get add-ons in order to browse Google's Workspace Marketplace 4. Type Clever Ads in the top search bar and install the add-on for Facebook Ads reports 5. Follow the process in order to connect your Facebook Advertising account

Once you have everything set up, you can ask for metrics reports directly on Google Sheets

Benefits of Clever Ads Add-on

Generating your Facebook Ads reports directly on Google Sheets helps you avoid copying and pasting data.  Your tables and charts can be generated automatically, saving you tons of time

You can now work with clean data that is ready for you to analyze.  Share the clean data with colleagues, or even clients.  Transform the information into beautiful presentations.  The whole process is more easier and faster!

Ready to start saving time & money?