Google Ads for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, the famous communication platform for teams, continues to grow significantly since the pandemic started last year. Browsing through apps available on the Microsoft App Source, you realize that there are plenty of options out there for connecting your favorite tools with your chat. Integrating your tools with Microsoft Teams helps you automate processes, stay more productive and ultimately save you precious time.

Apply the Marketing category filter, to browse and discover your next favorite tools that will make any marketer’s life easier! Managing Google Ads campaigns is quite a tedious process. Every tool that can help you automate specific tasks or steps of the process, can be a life saver.

Clever Ads - The Ultimate Google Ads App for MS Teams

Clever Ads is integrating with Microsoft Teams to help you automate reports, receive alerts on significant changes that might happen to your account, and make the process of sharing reports with your teammates easier.

How to Benefit from Clever Ads

1. Schedule to receive your reports daily or weekly directly on chat and with the metrics and KPIs you prefer to monitor. 2. Configure your own alerts, with custom thresholds, to receive when your limits are reached.

3. Once a month, you can configure to receive a summary of your Google Ads campaigns performance compared to last month’s. 4. You can select your preferred Google Ads account and once a month, you will receive a Smart Report PDF document with an insightful and visual summary of how your campaigns went.

Feel free to give the tool a try and if you you need any help setting everything up shoot us an email at

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