Google Discovery Ads Guide

Discovery Ads Tip 1: Allow ramp-up time

Once your campaign is all set up, give your campaigns at least two weeks of bringing in high volume traffic to your site with enough budget. Your budget should be 10 times higher than the value of your target CPA bids so Google can collect data and information for optimization. When you already have around 40 conversions, then you can make changes to the campaign to orient it towards optimization and profitability instead of a traffic volume acquisition.

Discovery Ads Tip 2: Be smart when using your Discovery campaign reporting

Your Discovery campaign reporting columns will show a combination of ad interactions depending on how your audience interacts with your advertising as it follows: Engagement, clicks, interactions, interaction rate, and average cost.

Discovery Ads Tip 3: Capture your audience attention with high-impact images

Stop consumers mid-scroll by reusing imagery from existing media campaigns and by using high-quality images that inspire people to take action with your brand. There are multiple Discovery ad layouts you can use to maximize your ad’s reach and impact. Pay attention to the “website scan” feature for making it easier for you to get the images you are already using on your site or on social media.

Discovery Ads Tip 4: Capture your audience attention with high-impact images

Use multiple layouts and provide as many assets as you can. We recommend you use at least 3 headlines, descriptions, and images (an image per image format available). This way you’ll be able to display your ads across all Google feed types.

Discovery Ads Tip 5: Focus on audiences that are more likely to convert

High-intent audiences like custom intent or remarketing perform really well on Display campaigns, Search, and Video. Take their performance in those campaigns as an example to follow when configuring Google Discovery Ads campaigns. We also recommend you to keep the audience expansion enabled in case you need more reach so people that are similar to your current audience are able to find you.

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