Mobile Advertising Optimization Guide

1. Turn your search ads into expanded search ads. They allow you to add a third title field and a second description of up to 90 characters.

2. Use ad extensions in your Google mobile ads. They make your mobile ad bigger and allow you to display additional information about your business.

The three most important types are:

Sitelink extensions Include extra links to other pages of your site. Location extensions Can include a map indicating your business location, your business address and the distance to it. Call extensions Display a phone icon  which potential customers can click to call your business.

3. Content is key: write efficient Google mobile ads.

– Include your keywords in the titles. – Tell your potential customers what you want them to do once they enter your site in the call to action. – Highlight your strengths and what makes you different from your competitors in the description. – Test your ad copy with a minimum of 3 different ads.

4. Configure mobile segmentation options. Create a specific “mobile-first” campaign for the elements that have a better performance in mobile.

5. Bid higher for mobile devices for campaigns with a better performance on mobile.

6. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile and:

1. It loads in less than 3 seconds. 2. It’s easy to navigate. 3. It’s easy to perform the action the whole strategy was built around (make a purchase, fill a form…). 4. Your landing pages match your ad call to action.

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