Google AdWords for Agencies: All your clients’ campaigns under control

With these Google Ads for Agencies tools you will save time so you can focus on what matters the most: your clients.

The best features for team-focused apps

Get notifications and reports in real time with your clients’ campaign performance.

Get notified about what matters most with our Google AdWords for Agencies tool

Set up and personalize notifications to know when conversions go down or when you need to up campaign spend.

Automatic Smart Reports every month

In-depth monthly reports that beautifully display metrics and growth of your clients’ campaigns.

All data in one click on Google Sheets

Don’t waste a second on manually gathering your clients’ metrics. Easily and quickly add them to a Google Sheet.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the plan that best adapts to your needs and start benefiting from all our features.

Free forever


  • 3 Alerts for 1 advertising platform
  • 3 Scheduled reports for 1 advertising platform
  • 3 Recurring messages for 1 advertising platform
  • Smart Reports
    • 1 Google Ads account
  • Unlimited users
Save 45% by choosing the yearly plan
per month


Everything in Basic Plan +

  • ∞ Alerts
  • ∞ Reports
  • ∞ Recurring messages
  • Smart Reports
    • ∞ accounts
    • ∞ advertising platforms
    • Custom metrics blocks
    • Custom branding

Improve your clients’ campaign performance

Compile all campaign data in Google Sheets, personalize performance alerts as needed, and get monthly Smart Reports that can be sent to your clients.

More about Google AdWords for Agencies Tools

Learn more about our tools designed for Google AdWords for agencies and everything we can offer you and your business.

What we offer for you and your advertising agency

Features, benefits and advantages

Our tools are designed to improve the Google AdWords strategy for agencies and have been designed by the Clever Ads team to make your life easier and to give you full control, at all times and from wherever you want, of your campaigns and those of your clients.

Do you want to have all your campaigns optimized, up to date, and directly in your Google chat? All this and much more is what we can offer you, all designed to tell you what you need to improve your clients' campaigns to get the best results.

We guarantee that we have the best AdWords for agencies integrations, find out more!

Saves time, money and resources!

Our tools for Google Ads agencies have been designed with the objective of saving you money, resources, and most importantly.... Time!

With our Slack, Microsoft Teams integrations, Google Chat bot, Google Spreadsheets Add-on, and our Google Ads campaign creation, optimization and uploading, you'll be able to spend your valuable time on what's really important: your customers, and still have time left over to enjoy that morning coffee you love!

Detect the best business opportunities, make the best campaigns, get notifications only of the most important to avoid unnecessary distractions, get monthly reports, etc. In short, tools oriented to AdWords for Agencies that will save you time to concentrate on what really matters.

What you can do with our tools

Automatic Smart Reports every month

Detailed monthly reports in PDF format that perfectly show the metrics and growth of your clients' campaigns. Focus on the data that matters to you, and measure only what's important so you can save time on analysis without losing detail on what matters most and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Conversion Funnel, Keywords... Everything you want to know in customized reports. All the information you need, and how to use it. Optimize your campaigns and your customers' campaigns based on performance, through ready-to-use tips and recommendations designed specifically for Google Adwords for agencies.

The best features for team-based apps

Receive real-time notifications and reports on your clients' campaign performance. When we talk about AdWords for agencies, we have to take into account which tool we use and want to take advantage of to receive notifications and reports of our campaigns. What do you use in your agency? With our tool you will be able to integrate your Google Ads account with one of the three most popular team chat tools worldwide: Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Chat. Choose and optimize the performance of your clients' campaigns with data!

Get notified about only the most important things

Configure and customize your notifications to know everything that happens in your campaigns and those of your clients. For example, if you want to know when conversions are dropping or when campaign spending needs to increase, set up one of our notifications and we will notify you in the communication application of your choice! (Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Chat).

This way, you will be the one to indicate which parameters you want to prioritize, which information you want to receive, and which events will be considered as strange and need to be indicated to you in order to be aware of those crucial moments/data.

So that nothing goes unnoticed and your clients' campaigns are always on top! Google Ads for agencies has never been easier.

All data in one click on Google Sheets

Don't waste another second manually collecting metrics and campaign data from your customers. Add them all easily and quickly to a Google sheet. Google Ads for agencies efficiently, using the tools provided by Google and other well-known apps that you already use in your agency.

Google Sheets is one of the most used tools worldwide in all businesses for organizing documents and teams? If you’re using it, you can optimize your processes and have all your data optimized in your Drive. It couldn't be easier!

What makes the difference?

Why use our Google AdWords tools for agencies?

At Clever Ads we are proud to be part of the Premier Google Partners program, with which we guarantee that the process is 100% secure and we promise that we respect your private data as well as your clients'. More than 150,000 businesses and companies have worked with us and trusted us to boost their Google Ads strategy and performance, with excellent results. You won't regret it, the best and cheapest (free) way to optimize Google Ads for agencies.

With our tools and expertise we have managed to transform something complicated and time-consuming into something simple and fast. You might even find AdWords for agencies fun with us! You'll be able to "play" with our reports and tips to achieve maximum ROI (Return on Investment) and maximum score without even realizing it, all while learning!

Turn your agency into the reference agency in Google Ads campaigns, the wisest and most experienced in this process along with Clever Ads. We always know what to do next, you can trust us to take the first or next steps.

We believe that any agency of any size and budget should have access to Google advertising, so we have developed a suite of Google Ads tools for agencies that will allow you to compete on a level playing field with larger, more experienced agencies that have larger marketing budgets.

The reasons why you might want to use our tools can be varied, whether you suspect that your clients' Google Ads campaigns could be doing better, whether you want to check if your marketing agency is really doing the most, or maybe you're just curious to know if their hard work is paying off? Clever Ads AdWords for agencies is your suite of tools.

In addition, our team of experts is always ready to help you, and you can always contact them for any questions, concerns, suggestions or the help you need at [email protected], we will be happy to help you and your agency with whatever you and your agency need.

Integrated Suite of Tools

Another advantage or benefit of using our AdWords tools for Clever Ads agencies is that you can access everything from your Clever Ads control panel, and you can combine the power of Google Ads with all the ease of management that Clever Ads offers you. All our reports, alerts, tips will help you to create perfectly optimized Google Ads campaigns for your clients, to be always up to date with Google's new algorithms, campaign extensions, etc. to generate great banners for your clients' Display campaigns, or even to tune keyword ideas, among other features. Our all-in-one set of specialized Google Ads for Agencies tools are ready to do all the hard work while you spend your time doing what you do best: running and managing your business and making your clients happy.

Team-based apps for communication

Integrate Google Ads to Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Chat

Configure your custom alerts to receive one-time or weekly reports to get you metrics via chat and receive graphs and metrics pertaining to your client’ account performance. Google AdWords for agencies is easier with a chat integration like this!

Other Clever Ads products for your agency

Google Ads Automation

Have your Google Ads automatically created for free.

Google Ads Audit

Get the last drop out of your ads campaigns with Clever Google Ads Audit and enhance your Google Ads campaigns performance for less.

Google Ads Translator

Don’t set limits to your business. Advertise anywhere you want! Translate everything into multiple languages.

Keyword Planner

Filter your results and discover the perfect opportunities for your campaigns.

Banner Creator

Create banners for your display campaigns and make better Google Ads campaigns for your clients.

And much more! Discover all our tools!

More Clever Ads products

All the tools you need to maximize your clients’ digital marketing campaigns.

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