Team up with a Premier Google Ads Partner

Grow your business by offering Google Ads campaign creation, optimization and management services to your clients by becoming a Clever Ads Partner.

Some of our most recent Clever Ads partners:

Get on board now with a Premier Google Ads Partner!

Have Clever Ads technology fully working for your clients and help them succeed with their Google advertising strategies.


Google Ads campaigns created by experts so your clients attract the highest quality traffic to their businesses.


Campaigns always on point. With ready-to-use tips available for achieving high-performing Google Ads campaigns.


A personalized dashboard that allows custom reporting and alerts so your clients are always in control of their ads results.


Your clients always supported throughout the whole strategy with the security of a Premier Google Partner.

How does it work?

Contact us and join forces. Together we can design the perfect integration that better adjusts to your needs and your clients’.

Complete the form

Tell us about your goals and needs in less than 5 minutes. Your privacy is guaranteed.

We design the plan

After evaluating if we’re a match, we’ll design a tailor-made partnership plan for you together.

Grow your business

Voilà! You’ll be boosting your client acquisition and growing your business easily and fast backed up by a Premier Google Partner.

All the power literally in your clients’ hands

Clever Ads technology allows your clients to create, control and optimize their Google Ads strategies from any device, anytime.

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Why Clever Ads?

Clever Ads creates ads quickly and ensures consistent optimization and improvement, easy management and all the support your clients need to succeed.

Because your goals are our goals

Partnering with Clever Ads will allow you to help your clients by automating the creation, optimization and management of their Google Ads campaigns.


Boost your client acquisition and speed up your results.


Give your customers what they are searching for.


Save hours of manual work thanks to our Machine Learning automations.


Avoid confusion and steep learning curves.


Boost your ROAS by investing your money efficiently.


Have a Premier Google Partner holding your back.

Our technology partners:

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Learn more about our Ads Partners program

Become a Clever Ads Partner by offering Google Ads & Microsoft Ads campaign creation, optimization & management services to your clients through our products, tools & integrations. Learn more about this here!

The advantages of being our Ads Partner

As a Clever Ads Partner, we have training and insights on all your processes and developments, and we are always up to date. Our team is constantly expanding our knowledge for you, to keep up to date with industry news so that your campaigns and those of your clients are always up to date. In addition, we have access to technical support from the tools, we can contact them for you more easily, and we have access to product resources that can help you and your clients achieve your goals much more easily than if you were doing it on your own.

PPC campaign creation, automation and management on Google Ads & Microsoft Ads

Clever Ads Partner: installation in 5 steps

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