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Clever Ads Mobile App is basically an ads manager for your business. It will allow you to view and manage your online advertising campaigns for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Microsoft Ads and Twitter Ads. Get a 360º report on your campaign performance. Stop jumping from one platform to another, get a full comparison in your phone. Ads management like you've never seen it before!

Digital marketing and ad reporting platform by Clever Ads.

What we deliver

Digital marketing metrics reporting by Clever Ads.
 View your Google Ads campaigns performance and improve them!

Google Ads

View your Google Ads campaigns performance and improve them!
Your social ads campaigns performance for both platforms!

Facebook Ads
instagram Ads

Your social ads campaigns performance for both platforms!
View your Microsoft Ads performance and improve it!

Microsoft Ads

View your Microsoft Ads performance and improve it!
View your Twitter ads campaigns.

Twitter Ads

View your Twitter ads campaigns.
With a clean and user friendly interface view how your campaigns are performing.

Track efficiency

Track performance of your digital marketing platforms
Measure campaign performance

Measure results

Measure results based on previous campaigns.
Compare results within your different digital marketing platforms

Improve campaigns

Use personalized tips to improve your campaign results.

Advanced Ads Manager Reporting

All-in-one advertising platforms reporting by Clever Ads

Tired from jumping from one platform to another? All in the same places with Ads Manager!

View all your digital marketing campaigns with our ads manager, which works with leading technology, solely or with our platform panel comparison. Extract all insights with our personalized tips to reach full optimization. Ads management at its best!

  • Creativity
  • 90%
  • Innovation
  • 85%
  • Simplicity
  • 95%
  • User-friendly interface
  • 90%

More about Clever Ads Manager

Manage, optimize and create your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, Instagram Ads, & Twitter Ads on the go.


Benefits, advantages and key features

Tired of having to jump from one ad platform to another to view and analyze your data? Manage your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, Instagram Ads, and Twitter Ads campaigns all in one placeIt couldn't be easier! This way, you can always have control of your advertising strategies and better measure your results by having all the metrics of your campaigns on your phone or favorite device, in a single tab.

Clever Ads Manager is the best free (yes, you read that right, completely free) advertising app for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, and Microsoft Ads. Create, optimize, and “squeeze” the most out of your online advertising campaigns on the go and on the go with Clever Ads Manager. Get a 360° audit on the performance and evolution of your campaigns to show how your ads are performing with a full cross-platform comparison. All your data, in a single dashboard, wherever you want, however you want. Could it get any better?

Key features you will get

Check your main metrics (spend, revenue, conversions and CPA, among others) on all advertising platforms where you are present: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Instagram and Twitter, and be able to compare them easily. Have all your ad data and KPIs organized in fully customizable charts and graphs, you choose what you want to see, anytime, anywhere. Get a complete view of the performance of your ad campaigns at a glance without having to leave one place.

  • Google Ads account creation: What's that? You don't have a Google Ads account yet? No problem, we will create it for you in a couple of clicks (yes, also for free). And we'll activate a Google Ads promo code for you to start advertising on Googlefor free! Up to 120 USD Google Ads FREE Coupon!
  • Google Ads Campaign Builder: As we mentioned, we take care of creating your Google Ads search and display campaigns in 4 easy steps so you can start advertising on Google in the blink of an eye.
  • Google Ads campaign and budget simulator: Still not sure if you want to start advertising? Find out how much it would cost you to reach your target audience through Google advertising and make the right decision.
  • Improve your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Microsoft Ads with customized tips and tricks to improve the optimization and performance of your ads. The best Ads Manager in the industry, free, and personalized.


How to get the most use out of Clever Ads Manager?

Our Google Ads Manager mobile app can be your new online marketing campaigns and ads partner. Connect as many ad platforms as you want to have total visibility over your advertising and digital marketing strategy: have your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, and Microsoft Ads campaigns all under one tab, fully controlled in a fully customized dashboard. And remember, for FREE!

Compare your performance between the different advertising platforms and balance your budget and spend based on your campaign performance. Is Google Ads getting more conversions than Facebook Ads? Is Instagram Ads reporting higher CPA than Microsoft Ads? Which campaigns are performing better to give them a push? Do I have to stop any because they're not performing well?

Grow your strategy and sales by building your Google Ads account and missing campaigns with our custom tips and charts. Discover new audiences and potential customers that you did not contemplate and reach them through the Internet, with our help it will not be so difficult. In addition, take advantage of our alerts and do not miss anything that happens in your campaigns and ads. With these alerts you will have an eye on all possible unforeseen events, and if something unusual happens in your campaigns... Our alerts will warn you!

Keep your advertising campaigns updated and up to date by applying the advice and recommendations of our Ads Manager. Avoid wasting your advertising budget., Save time and money and gain peace of mind.

Ads Creator: we make your campaigns FOR FREE

Don't have a Google Ads account? Don't know where to start? If you have doubts of this kind and/or your budget is limited... Our Ads Manager and other tools are designed for you, just check it out! We want to help you with our expertise in Google campaigns, creating and optimizing them (totally free) for you.

With our help you can have your Google Ads campaigns created through Clever Ads Manager automatically and compliant with all Google standards. Just go through a 4-step process where we will ask you a few questions: your business, your account, information about your target audience, your offers, services and the daily budget you want to spend on your ads... And off we go!

Our ad builder is 100% free and the budget you choose will be spent entirely on the clicks you get from displaying your ads on Google, we don't keep a penny. In addition, if you are new to Google Ads, we also have an initial discount of 120 USD (depending on your country's currency) that will be activated as a promotional code in your account so you can start advertising on Google for free. No tricks and 100% secure! We are a Premier Google Partner, so you won't have to worry about anything, we promise. And if you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us and our Google Ads experts (our account managers) will be happy to assist you and help you with everything you need.

Have your Google Ads campaigns created through Clever Ads Manager automatically. You’ll go through a 3-step process where we’ll ask you about the audience you want to target, your offerings, services, and daily budget you want to spend on your ads.

Our ads creator is 100% free and your chosen budget will be fully spent on the clicks you get when displaying your ads on Google. If you’re new to Google Ads, Clever Ads will also activate a promo code in your account so you start advertising on Google for free.

Ads Optimization

Clever Ads Manager tells you exactly what’s missing or underperforming in your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Microsoft Ads.

You’ll also receive ready-to-use tips on what you need to do for improving your performance across the different advertising platforms. Clever Ads Manager helps you boost your performance in just one click.

Integrated suite of tools

A lot more than our Ads Manager...

Aside from our Ads Manager app, at Clever Ads you will find lots of free tools that will help you with your SEM and SEO strategies: a campaign auditor, a translator, a keyword planner, a banner creator... And much more! The best part? ALL our tools are free! What are you waiting for? Try all our free tools now! We even have an extension for Google Chrome!

Gain control and optimize results.

Manage your campaigns with Clever Ads Mobile App for free! Install it now for Android and iOS.


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