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Our Google certified experts, alongside our Google Ads automation software, will create optimized campaigns so you get more for much less. Creation, automation and optimization altogether and totally free.

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How does our Google Ads automation work?

Connect or create your advertiser account

Login to your Google Ads account or create a new one completely for free.

Describe your store or business

Complete our 4 steps configuration process with information about your business and goals. Your Google Ads automation is closer now!

Choose your audience

Who’s your target audience? Identify it easily in order to bring the right traffic to your site with your new ads. A good Google Ads automation means reaching your potential customers directly.

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And get your Google Ads automation now!

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Your new campaigns will include

Long-tail keywords

Only invest in high-converting keywords based on your products, services, and categories so you don’t waste any money.

Google display ads

Attract people while they browse their favorite websites with image-focused ads that can reach 90% of the Internet.

Personalized banners

Get all the attention by having effective Google Ads banners specifically created for your products or services automatically.

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Take advantage of your Google Ads Promo Code

Clever Ads activates a Google Ads promotional code in new accounts so you can start advertising for free.

Create Google Ads campaigns
Screenshot dashboard

Have your campaigns under control with a Google Ads automation personal dashboard

Once created, you’ll have access to a personal dashboard where you can manage your campaigns easily.

Create Google Ads campaigns now

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"I wish I had gotten this Google Ads promotion sooner. Clever has helped my business flourish and I’ve been able to spend more time with my clients instead of sitting behind a computer screen. I love it!"
Clever ads discount helped my online advertising strategy. Mike Nowak
"This has been the easiest tool I have found to drive sales. I have been able to save a lot of time and energy. I highly recommend Clever’s Google Ads promotion to anyone who is tired of planning daunting digital marketing campaigns."
Clever Ads activated a Google Ads discount for free. Luanne Ornowski
PPC Strategist
"I was about to give up on my online marketing efforts, but then I found Clever’s Google Ads promo code, which has helped me start advertising my products for free and get a jump start on the online advertising triathlon."

More about Google Ads Automation tool

Learn more about the tool that will help you optimize your Google ads campaigns

What we offer to you and your business

Perfect and free Google Ads Campaigns

As we said, we put together the best team of Google Ads experts together with cutting-edge Google Ads automation software and boom! With this mix, we create fully optimized Google Ads campaigns that will get you and your business much more, for less. And we don't charge you a cent!

Operation and method of Google Ads automation:

  • If you have a Google Ads advertiser account: simply connect it.
  • If you don't have a Google Ads advertiser account: create a new one for free, if you need it... We will help you!
  • What is your business like? What do you sell? Complete a very short 4-step setup process. We will ask you for basic information about your business and the goals you want to achieve.
  • Choose your audience: decide who you want to sell your products/services to and tell us. This step is essential, because with it we will get the right and quality traffic to your website with your new automated ads.

What will your new Google Ads campaigns include?

  • The best keyword selection: we will not only choose basic and transactional keywords, but we will ask you to invest in long-tail keywords targeted to your business as these are high converting keywords. Of course we will be inspired by your products, services and categories to avoid wasting money.
  • Google Search Ads: what we will be looking for is to aim for top positions of Google results. Beating the competition and appearing at the top of the industry is the main goal.
  • Google Ads Display campaigns: did you know that image-centric ads can have a 90% reach? Why wait to build Display campaigns? We help you with everything, from the creation of text and banners to their publication, including the choice of keywords and optimization.
  • Customized banners: as we were saying, Display campaigns are very important since with visual elements we are looking to get the full attention of users. With our help, you will get effective banners created specifically for your products or services. specifically for your products or services in an automatic way.

Fully customized dashboard

You will have all your campaigns under control since we are the ones who will do the Google Ads automation but you are in charge, you have the last word. Everything will be in your personal control panel and you will be able to make all the changes you want, or even choose not upload campaigns if you don't want to. Manage your campaigns easily!

Main industries we work for

  • Hotel Ads: are you in tourism & hospitality ? We are specialists in optimizing Google Ads for this sector! With our help, travelers will find your hotel when they are actively looking for an accommodation. Get quality traffic and increase your visibility and bookings!
  • Restaurant Ads: the food services industry is another sector that we specialize in. Your website will never have seen so many booked tables, and if it's a bar or a nightclub, you can also advertise and benefit from our expertise in Google Restaurant Ads!
  • Other sectors: we have mentioned the two most demanded sectors, but this does not mean that we are unable to help the rest. We are Google Ads automation professionals... No sector of the online industry escapes us! Whatever you sell or whatever service you offer, we'll make sure you get the best Google Ads campaigns to improve your conversions, we promise!

Google automation best practices

How to get the most out of Clever Ads Campaign Optimization

Your marketing department will flow faster and better if you count on our Google Ads audit and optimization. With these tools (we remind you that they are totally free) you will always have your online ad campaigns under control. Google Ads automation is not a simple and one-time task, it requires time and great effort, you have to create a routine around it and constantly monitor the performance of your campaigns. Google recommends performing a thorough Google Ads automation at least once or twice a month. Give us a try!

Monthly Google Ads automation routine

As we said, you have to constantly monitor the performance of your Google Ads campaigns to avoid wasting your budget. With our help, you will not even have to remember to do this review, we will be the ones who will remind you of the periodic reviews -all you have to do is log into the platform and perform a new analysis of Google Ads in a single click and we will indicate(with a whole series of tips and suggestions) what actions your campaigns require at that moment. We will also tell you which actions are the most important to carry out at that moment. 90% of our tips are completely actionable, you can put them into practice with just one click.

What we want is that, with our help, you become an expert in Google Ads. Having your Google Ads campaigns fully optimized is not a one-time task, so it is better that you learn and, little by little, you will have more control over them. Time is money - that's why we help you maximize the value of your time as well as the return on every advertising dollar spent.

What makes us different

Why count on us for Google Ads automation?

In addition to all the services that we offer, we are proud to announce that we are Premier Google Partner which gives security and confidence in the process. You can rest assured that we will respect your privacy and your data 100%. More than 150,000 businesses already count on our help for their Google Ads strategy and performance with excellent results.

Auditing and optimizing Google Ads is a difficult, time-consuming, and resource-intensive process. At Clever Ads, we are proud to have transformed this difficult and tedious process into something simple and almost fun! Our tips make it all seem like a game, and you'll achieve top scores (and ROI) almost without realizing it - all while learning and becoming a Google Ads expert. You can trust us, many users have already achieved excellent results.

Our other tools and integrations

At Clever Ads, you will find much more than our Google Ads automation process. We offer you all the tools you need to boost your marketing strategies for free: Google Ads audit, Google Ads campaign translator, mobile app to control all your metrics (including social ads), Google Ads promotional code valued at 120€, keyword planner... We even have a banner builder!

We also have free integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Sheets, and Google Chat.
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