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Why TikTok Ads?

Grow your business, drive online sales, increase app installs or raise brand awareness.

1 in 4 users

Can't be found on any other platforms

3rd largest...

... Social media app worldwide

+1 billion

Monthly active users

Optimize your TikTok Ads

Improve your campaigns performance easily by getting personalized recommendations in just one click.

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Manage your TikTok Ads

Avoid spending hours checking on your campaigns - following up with your TikTok strategy is easy.

Let's start now!

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Squeeze your TikTok campaigns by tracking and optimizing your strategy from your phone anywhere you are. Download the app and push your business to new levels.

What does TikTok Ads by Clever do for me?

With this tool your business will prosper. Whether your goal is to capture nearby customers, or to attract traffic from around the world to your website. TikTok Advertising is what you need to get customers to your website easily through the trendy app. The various formats that you will find in TikTok, will make your business among the first, impacting customers that you would otherwise not reach. At Clever, we take care of your TikTok campaigns for FREE. Your campaigns are created and automated by experts.

Where will my TikTok Ads appear?

How does Clever's integration with TikTok Ads work?

How to optimize TikTok Ads campaigns?

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