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Many agencies using Clever Ads are experiencing a transformative impact!

"With Clever Ads Agency Tools, I have peace of mind managing my clients' campaigns. I don't need to stress when I'm away - it notifies me instantly if anything comes up."

"This app revolutionized our workflow! Smart reports, timely notifications, and intuitive features boosted our efficiency. It's become an indispensable asset for our agency's success."

"I can spot and fix any issues in the campaigns before my clients even notice, thanks to the alert notifications."

"With clients operating globally in different time zones, I rely on Clever Ads Agency Tools each morning to stay updated on overnight campaign activities worldwide."

Ultimate ad reporting tool for agencies

Gain peace of mind getting instant visibility into campaigns' real performance & embrace data-driven decisions with confidence thanks to our comprehensive reports and alerts.

Receive real-time ad alerts and notifications

Find out the moment something impactful happens in your clients' campaigns.

You'll be able to customize your ad notifications to monitor the metrics that matter most to you. Anticipate needs before your clients even notice.

Get Smart Reports to share with your clients

Impress clients with professional ad reporting and timely updates. Build trust and long-lasting relationships. Clever Ads ensures client satisfaction through measurable success.

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Unleash the power of AI for marketing!

  • Incorporate an advertising genius right into your team with our AI Marketing Copilot.
  • Use our AI-powered chat to ask for insights, industry trends, and recommendations.
  • Take full advantage of our AI advertising features and give your team extra time to dedicate to your clients.

Keep your agency ahead of the AI advertising industry!

Get alerts and notifications in your preferred channel

Our agency tools are fully integrated with the main messaging apps so you can stay informed in real time, boost team collaboration, increase efficiency and avoid miscommunication/delays. Choose where you want to receive your notifications:

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  • Unlimited Users.
  • Unlimited Connection of Client Domains.
  • Unlimited Ad Accounts & Platform Connection.
  • SMART Alerts.
  • SMART Reports.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Call & Priority Support.
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More info about Clever Ads marketing tools for agencies

Here we'll provide comprehensive information about Clever Ads Agency Tools, addressing fundamental questions regarding our suite of tools designed for agencies. If, after exploring these details, you still harbor uncertainties, don't hesitate to book a demo with us!

How can Clever Ads Agency Tools help your marketing agency?

Elevate your marketing agency by boosting team collaboration and efficiency with Clever Ads tools for agencies. Clever Ads for Agencies empowers you to seamlessly manage all your advertising campaigns across diverse platforms through a unified dashboard. Integrated with AI, our tool ensures you stay on top of your campaigns’ performance, receive real-time ad notifications for account management, and streamline your reporting process for enhanced AI advertising strategies.

What are the Key Features of Clever Ads marketing tools for agencies?

How Does Clever Ads for Agencies Provide Real-Time Ad Notification with its Agency Tools?

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