Effortlessly Manage Your Advertising Campaigns with Our Microsoft Teams Integration Tool

Receive custom alerts directly on Microsoft Teams chat... It's free!

Have graphs made specifically for your advertising accounts.

Schedule to receive your metrics on either a daily or weekly basis.

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Benefits of Clever Ads Microsoft Teams Integration

As we like to say, you will be saving enough time to enjoy that morning coffee you love so much! ☕

A microsoft teams integration to save you time

Save your time!

Save your precious time by seeing the most important Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Ads metrics all in one place with this Microsoft Teams Integration. Close some of those tabs!

A microsoft teams integration for improving your productivity

Organize your daily tasks more efficiently

With Microsoft Teams integration, you can use metrics, graphs, & alerts to evaluate the progress of your campaigns, all through one platform! It's free!

Free microsoft teams application

Completely free of charge!

Clever Ads, unlike other similar tools on the market, doesn’t require a fee for you to use it.

Filter your preferred ads’ accounts & receive a performance summary through metrics & graphs.

Control your dashboard

Access your dashboard to be able to personally customize how you receive your metrics through Microsoft Teams. Filter which accounts you want to see, schedule your reports & configure your alerts with Microsoft Teams Integration.

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Get a dashboard to filter the Google Ads accounts and schedule your reports.

Why install the Clever Ads Microsoft Teams Integration?


Important metrics will be available directly through Microsoft Teams. These metrics can be impressions, clicks, & more - all in relation to your Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Twitter Ads campaigns.


Use a graph to visually observe the growth of any of your metrics. Whether it be impressions, cost, or conversion rate.

Scheduled Reports

Have the choice to receive daily or weekly summaries, & make them public for your team to see - or for your eyes only.

Tips & Tricks

We will provide tips on how to improve your online Ads strategy upon request. We can give advice on your campaigns such as adjusting budget, modifying targets, & much more. Download our Microsoft Teams Integration today!

An app for microsoft teams reporting

How do you get started?

In about a minute, you can add Clever Ads Microsoft Teams Integration directly to your account.

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Plans & Pricing

Choose the right plan for your needs and start managing your advertising campaigns like a PRO.

Free forever


  • One user.
  • Default date-ranges.
  • Ad performance monitoring and management.
  • Unlimited ad accounts and platforms connection.
  • Manual alerts.
  • Manual reports.
Pay yearly and save 2-month's worth
Per month


Everything in basic and additionally:

  • 3 users.
  • Custom date-ranges.
  • Personalized ad optimization tips.
  • SMART alerts.
  • SMART reports.

Only 4 steps


Download Microsoft Teams Integration

All you need to do is click the "Add to Microsoft Teams" button and you’ve got it!


Sign in to your advertiser’s account

Sign in to your Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Instagram or Twitter Account that is linked to your advertising account


Choose your account

After choosing your desired account, feel free to switch to any others at any time


Utilize the many features of the app

Receive multiple reports seamlessly and at your convenience

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As a Premier Google Partner & Elite Microsoft Partner with over 1,2 million valued customers, rest assured that the process is 100% safe & secure.
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Still got questions about our Microsoft Teams Integration?

If you have a question that is not answered below, send us an email at assistant@cleverads.com

What does this Microsoft Teams integration do exactly?

The purpose of Microsoft Teams Integration is to make your life a bit easier, and help save you enough time to enjoy that morning coffee you love so much. Once you link the online ads account you want to work with, you can start receiving metrics and graphs directly on Slack or Microsoft Teams by simply texting the bot. This is a huge time saver, as you won’t have to enter your ads interface every day.

Some of the awesome features the app has to offer are:

  • Metrics & graphs: important metrics & graphs pertaining to your online ads accounts' performance such as impressions, conversions, clicks, and much more will be available to you directly on your chat.
  • Scheduled Reports: receive your metrics daily or weekly on your preferred channel to make them public for your team or keep them to yourself by choosing the Direct Message option.
  • Tips: ask for tips on how to improve your online ads strategy through simple messaging. We will be able to suggest things like adding a different type of campaign, adjusting the campaign budget, or modifying the campaign target.
  • COMING SOON Alerts: feel rest assured with your online ads accounts. Clever Ads' bot will notify you if there is anything unusual happening on your account.

Why do I have to link my online ads account?

Is it safe to link my online ads account?

How is my data kept safe?

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