Google Chat Bot for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads & Facebook Ads

Ask your bot for metrics & graphs of your PPC accounts’ performance

Create your own alerts to receive once your set thresholds are met

Ask your bot for tips on optimizing your Google Ads & Facebook Ads strategy

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Benefits of Clever Ads Google Chat Bot

We love saving you time so you can sit back and enjoy that morning cup of coffee! ☕

A google chat bot integration to save you time

Save time

One less tab to keep an eye on. Save time by only viewing Google, Bing, and Facebook Ads metrics that matter to you.

A google chat bot integration for improving your productivity

Organize your tasks the right way

This Google Chat bot allows you to view the progress of your campaigns with metrics, graphs, and even summaries directly on Google Chat.

Free google chat bot application

Completely FREE

Compared to similar tools on the market, Google Chat Bot Integration by Clever Ads doesn't require you to pay a dime.

Filter Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads based on your interests and get a glimpse at their performance.

Access your own dashboard

Get access to your own dashboard and customize it. Only see the metrics you want to see. Schedule your reports and configure your customized alerts with our Google Chat Bot integration.

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Get a dashboard to filter the Google Ads accounts and schedule your reports.

Why install the Clever Ads Google Chat Bot?

Metrics & Graphs

Graphs and metrics related to your Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook Ads campaigns performance. Understand impressions, conversions, clicks - all via Google Chat!

Customized Alerts

On the dashboard, you'll be able to configure your own alerts to get notified via Google Chat once your custom set thresholds are met. Don't spend a penny more!

Scheduled Reports

Get daily/weekly summaries on metrics and data on your preferred channel. Keep them on file and share them with your team. It is up to you!

Tips & Tricks

Simple messaging makes asking for tips regarding your Facebook or Google Ads strategy even easier. We can tell you what campaign type, adjustments, and modifications best fit your goals. Boost your sales!

Google Chat Bot metrics and graphs

How to get started?

In just a minute, you can add the Clever Ads Google Chat Bot to your account. It is super fast and easy!

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Plans & Pricing

Choose the plan that best adapts to your needs and start benefiting from all our features.

Free forever


  • 3 Alerts
  • 3 Scheduled Reports
  • 3 Recurring Messages
  • Smart Reports for 1 Google Ads account
  • Unlimited users
Save 45% by choosing the yearly plan
Per month


Everything in Basic Plan +

  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Recurring messages
  • Smart Reports
    • Unlimited accounts
    • Custom metrics blocks
    • Custom branding

Only 4 steps


Install the bot

Add the Clever Ads bot to Google Chat by clicking on the "Add to Google Chat" button.


Log into your advertiser’s account

Login using your Google, Microsoft and/or Facebook Account linked to your advertising account.


Configure your preferences

Access your dashboard to schedule reports, configure alerts, configure your bot, etc.


Make the most out of the app

Go to Google Chat and start using all the features our bot can offer you!

Made with love by Clever Ads, a Premier Google Partner

As a Premier Google Partner with over 150,000 valued customers, rest assured that the process is 100% safe and secure.
See Privacy Policy

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You are in good hands

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Freaking-out About Questions?

If you have a question that is not answered below, you can send us a message at [email protected]. We will answer you as soon as possible!

What does this Google Chat Bot integration do exactly?

The purpose of this app is to make your life a bit easier and as we like to "save you enough time to enjoy that morning coffee you love so much." Once you link the Google Ads account you want to work with, you can start receiving metrics and graphs directly on your Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google chat by simply texting the bot. This way, you are saving some of your precious time as you won’t have to enter your Google Ads interface every single day.
Some of the awesome features the app has to offer are:

  • Metrics & graphs: important metrics and graphs pertaining to your Google Ads accounts' performance such as impressions, conversions, clicks, and much more will be available to you directly on your chat.
  • Scheduled Reports: receive your metrics daily or weekly on your preferred channel to make them public for your team or keep it to yourself by choosing the Direct Message option.
  • Tips: ask for tips on how to improve your Google Ads strategy all through simple messaging. We will be able to suggest things like adding a different type of campaign, adjusting the campaign budget, or modifying the campaign target.
  • Alerts: feel more secure with your advertising accounts. Clever Ads' bot will notify you if your thresholds are met.

What is the price?

The app is 100% free!

Why do I have to link my Google Ads account?

In order for the app to run correctly, it needs data from your Google Ads account. For security purposes, Google does not allow anyone to see your metrics by default, so we need your permission. We require the lowest level of access to your Google Ads account which is called "Manage your Adwords campaigns." This is the only type of permission we need to only allow us to check on your metrics and generate charts and summaries.

Is it safe to link my Google Ads account?

It’s 100% safe! Clever Ads is a Premier Google Partner. In order to achieve this title, we must meet Google's highest standards and criteria. The different products we've developed over the years have established a strong reputation among 150,000 businesses.

How is my data kept safe?

Once you sign in to your Google account, we save an access token in our encrypted database. The key is only used by our CleverPPC API and is never shared with Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Chat. When we get the relevant data from Google Ads, we convert it into a formatted Slack or Microsoft Teams message, and we send it to the same conversation that you wrote a command in.

Every message whether it be internal or with Google, Slack, or Microsoft Teams is encrypted using TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security). We only access sites with the HTTPS protocol. From our end, we can only access your Google Ads metrics since you have given us permission to do so. Under no circumstance are we allowed to get a hold of data outside of said parameters.

Are you having any trouble using this Google Chat Bot integration?

You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or by simply filling out the following form:

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More about Google Chat Bot by Clever Ads: all your Google Chat metrics and data!

Learn everything you need to use our tool and enjoy all its benefits and advantages... It's really free!

What we offer you and your business

Benefits and Advantages of Google Chat Bot

What will you get from Clever Ads Google Chat Bot integration? Integrate your Google, Microsoft and/or Facebook ad accounts in our app and you will be able to have all the metrics and data of your campaigns together in your Google Chat. The performance of your PPC strategy is more controlled and up to date than ever, plus you will be able to customize alerts and reports, which you will receive, whenever you want, in your chat. It couldn't be easier!

Best Practices to keep in mind

How to get the most out of Clever Ads Google Chat Bot Integration

How to get the most out of this Clever Ads Google Chat Bot tool? Link your Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Google Ads ad accounts with our Google Chat Bot app to squeeze the most out of all options.

100% secure process, promise

At Clever Ads we are Premier Google Partner, therefore, we assure you that the integration process with us is 100% secure. You can fully trust Clever Ads Google Chat Bot.

When you link your Google account, you are not giving us access or permission to make changes in your campaigns or ads, but it is a minimum permission we need to send you your data, metrics, reports, and customized alerts of your strategies and advertising campaigns to your Google chat.

Your accounts and your ads will always be in your hands, you don't have to worry about anything. If you still have doubts and want to ask us something, you can email us at [email protected], we will be happy to help you.

You won't have to do anything at all, nor pay anything

Yes, you read that right. We take care of everything, you will only have to configure in your control panel the alerts and reports you want to receive and when (daily or weekly) and... Start receiving your metrics and graphs in your Google Chat!

With Clever Ads Google Chat Bot you won't have to lift a finger, we take care of everything. What are you waiting for to try it?

What makes us different

Why trust Clever Ads and its Google Chat Bot?

Clever Ads, as we said before, is a Premier Google Partner, and has already helped over 150,000 businesses to advertise on Google as well as to achieve success in their online marketing strategies... Are you going to be the only one not to try our Google Chat Bot app? Something that could take you hours of tedious data analysis and research... Fully automated! Say goodbye to boring excel and have it all instantly, personalized, and in your Google chat. We assure you that it is a one hundred percent secure process, as a Premier Google Ads Partner, we offer you an extreme security guarantee.

Pack of integrated tools

You can also try all our other tools that we offer you from Clever Ads. You will find everything you need... For free! From the creation to the management and optimization of your Google Ads campaigns, a keyword planner to outline your SEO strategy, a Google Promo Code to get $150 to spend on your Google Ads campaigns, a metrics app for Mobile, integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams... What are you waiting for? Don't stop with our Google Chat Bot, check out all we have to offer in our homepage.

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