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Get my Bing Ads coupon
Clever Ads offers a Microsoft Ads Promo in the form of a Bing Ads free coupon

How can you get the most out of your Microsoft Ads promo code?


Connect your Microsoft Ads account to Clever Ads and a Bing Ads coupon will be automatically activated.


Take advantage of your Bing Ads coupon by allowing Microsoft Ads campaigns to be automatically created for you in just a few clicks.


Already have active Microsoft Ads campaigns? Make sure they're always on point with our free Microsoft Ads audit.

How do you activate your Microsoft Ads promo code?

Microsoft Ads discount code offered by Clever Ads for free
  1. Give Clever Ads access to your Microsoft Ads account.

    Connect to Clever Ads…

    Once you have your Microsoft Ads account connected to Clever Ads, we'll automatically activate your Bing Ads coupon. You don't need to do anything.

  2. Clever Ads will verify your Microsoft Ads account comply with Microsoft requirements.

    Get ready…

    Make sure you comply with Microsoft Ads promo code requirements to activate the code. Once activated, it may take a few days to appear in your Microsoft Ads account.

  3. Clever Ads create your Microsoft Ads campaigns.


    Start bringing traffic to your site at no cost by creating your Microsoft Ads campaigns.

Made with love by Clever Ads, a Premier Google Partner & Elite Microsoft Partner

As a Premier Google Partner & Elite Microsoft Partner with over 1,2 million valued customers, rest assured that the process is 100% safe & secure.
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What our users are saying about us:

"We started advertising on Microsoft with Clever Ads' Bing Ads coupon and we currently use Microsoft Ads across the whole organization. It helps us drive leads with low cost-per-clicks and high conversion rates."
Clever ads discount helped my online advertising strategy. Garegin Baghdasaryan
Senior Digital Media Manager
"Great addition to our advertising strategy! We were already advertising on Google and replicated our campaigns on Microsoft Advertising through Clever Ads. Surprisingly we found it more cost-effective than other options and feel we get more bang for our buck."
Clever Ads activated a Google Ads discount for free. Lee Kennedy
Analytics Director
"Microsoft Advertising has more trustworthy and reliable keyword targeting, but the volume is much lower. Thanks to Clever Ads tools we are able to compare and balance our efforts among ad platforms and save some money with the Bing Ads coupon!"

Save money with Clever Ads

What are you waiting for? Activate your Bing Ads coupon today and start attracting the right audience to your site at no cost.

Save money with Clever Ads

More about Clever Ads' Bing Ads Coupon: a discount for your campaigns!

Learn more about how to start advertising for free with our Bing Ads Coupon and start your Microsoft Ads campaigns now!

What is the Bing Ads Coupon for?

You've probably guessed by now, but just in case, here's the lowdown. The Microsoft Ads promotional code will give you access to a discount that provides you with a financial benefit of up to €75. The credit will be automatically added to your Microsoft Ads account, for you to use in your online advertising campaigns.

What are the advantages of the Bing Ads Coupon?

How do I activate my Bing Ads Coupon?

Is the Microsoft ads promo code for Clever a reliable discount?

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