Automatically create and optimize your Microsoft Ads

Manage your business while Clever Ads helps you find your clients through Microsoft Ads.

Why Microsoft Ads?

Open the door to a world full of new opportunities.

681 million

Monthly unique searchers on the Microsoft Ads Search Network.

250 million

Unique users through native advertising on brand-safe experiences.

26% more

Spend per user in online purchases compared to other platforms.

Create Microsoft Ads easily

Help your clients find you by having your Bing Ads campaigns created in a few clicks.

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Optimize your Microsoft Ads easily

Avoid spending hours checking on your campaigns—get personalized recommendations in just one click to boost your Bing Ads performance.

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Boost your advertising strategy with Microsoft Ads

Reach a more profitable and less competitive audience. Not sure? You’ll be able to manage and compare your different advertising platform results through our dashboard.

Unlock the Power of MSAN

Maximize your ROI with Microsoft Audience Network. Seamlessly integrate, automate optimization, and grow your business risk-free.

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Unlock New Audiences

Tap into exclusive, high-quality audiences on the Microsoft Audience Network to expand your reach and grow your business.

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Boost Your ROI

Increase your return on investment with targeted, data-driven ads that deliver higher engagement and conversion rates.

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Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Reach your ideal customers based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.

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Seamless Integration

Easily integrate your Microsoft Ads with Clever Ads, saving time and simplifying your ad management process.

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Comprehensive Support

Benefit from our dedicated support team ready to help you set up, manage, and optimize your Microsoft Audience Network campaigns.

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Risk-Free Trial

Try our tool risk-free and see the immediate impact on your advertising performance with no long-term commitment required.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the plan that best adapts to your needs and start benefiting from all our features.

$9 /Month
$83 /Year


  • Default date-ranges.
  • Unlimited Ad Accounts connection.
  • PMAX Campaign Creation.
  • Artificial Intelligence Ads.
  • Ad Performance Monitoring.
  • Audience Signals.
  • Manual Alerts & Reporting.
  • Basic Support.
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$15 /Month
$135 /Year


Everything in Starter and additionally:

  • Custom Date-ranges.
  • Campaign Optimization & Tips.
  • SMART Alerts and Reporting.
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$100 /Month
$900 /Year


Everything in Performer and additionally:

  • Premium Optimization.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Call & Priority Support.
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More information about Microsoft Ads Automation tools

We will tell you everything you can do with Clever Ads. Our Microsoft Ads Automation tools will help you with everything for your online campaigns!

What does Microsoft Ads by Clever do for me?

With Bing Ads, your business will thrive. Whether you are targeting local customers or you want to attract traffic from around the world, if you want to make it easy for consumers to reach your website simply through search results – Microsoft Advertising is the tool you need! The ads, along with relevant Microsoft Bing search results, will help your business rank among the first-shown, reaching customers you wouldn't otherwise reach. At Clever, we take care of your ads. Your campaigns are created and automated by experts.

Where will my Microsoft Ads appear?

How does Clever's integration with Microsoft Ads work?

How to optimize Microsoft Ads campaigns?

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