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Google Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max Campaigns –  What are they & what do they do?  Every year, Google brings us news about their advertising platform and this year has not been any different, as they have announced the implementation of a new type of Google Ads campaign, Performance Max Campaigns. Your eCommerce Ads campaigns are essential! The Performance […]

Green Monday is coming!

Ways to maximize your online sales on Green Monday Recent research indicates that during the months of November and December, revenue generated by eCommerce ads continues to increase. One of the most profitable holidays for retailers during this season continues to be Green Monday. Green Monday, which falls on the second Monday in December, remains […]

Trending Christmas gifts 2023

Trending Christmas gifts – What products will be successful this year? Christmas is just around the corner and, after the pandemic situation we have experienced, Christmas 2023 is expected to see a huge increase in online shopping. So this is the perfect time to give your online store a boost in sales and improve this […]

Cyber Monday marketing keys

Marketing strategy for Cyber Monday 2023: the definitive guide As you know, Black Friday is a globally known event, but… What about Cyber Monday? This new online shopping tradition takes place right after Black Friday, and its particularity is that it focuses on a specific department: electronics! Computers, phones, tablets, TVs, video games and any […]

Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max Campaigns: tap into new audiences Performance Max Campaigns are an increasingly popular advertising strategy in the digital marketing world. These campaigns allow companies to maximize their reach and ensure they reach new audiences effectively. In this article, we’ll explore in depth what this king of campaigns are, how they work, and how they […]

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Preparing your business for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 – Strategies and Advice Why limit yourself to the benefits of Black Friday when you can take advantage of Cyber Monday as well? While it may seem like Black Friday gets all the limelight, Cyber Monday has been gaining even more success since the pandemic […]

Fear Not Performance Max

Ads Max: Risk or Reward? | Fear Not Performance Max As we have commented on many previous occasions, online marketing is a world that is constantly changing and improving. This means that what works for you today may not be as effective tomorrow and may even stop working. In the past, search ads were the […]

Make the most out of Black Friday for BigCommerce stores.

Get your eCommerce ready for Black Friday. Black Friday is coming, it is impossible for you not to know it, considering the continuous bombardment of information and ads that we live with every day. However, what they don’t tell us is how to prepare an eCommerce, especially a BigCommerce one, for these essential seasonal marketing […]

Twitter Ads Cost Guide

Twitter Ads Cost: How to Optimize Your Budget for Maximum ROI Twitter is one of the most rewarding platforms for digital advertising. With access to more than 200 million monetizable daily users who spend an average of 30.9 minutes a day on Twitter, it’s an essential channel for businesses that are looking to connect with […]

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