Manage & optimize your Facebook Ads without spending any money.

Use our Facebook Ads Manager to improve your advertising strategies on Facebook.

Why Facebook Ads?

Grow your business, increase online sales, boost app downloads, and improve brand awareness.

1 in 4 users

Cannot be found on any other platforms.

1 billion+

Monthly active users.

3rd largest

Social networking application used globally.

Optimize your Facebook Ads

Easily improve your campaign performance by receiving personalized recommendations... With just one click!

Let's start now!

Manage your Facebook Ads

Don't spend hours monitoring your campaigns - managing your Facebook strategy is easy.

Let's start now!

All the power in your pocket

Take control of your Facebook campaigns and optimize your strategy from your phone, no matter where you are. Download the app and bring your business to new heights.

Make the most out of your Facebook Ads

If you're already advertising on Facebook, let's import your campaigns to Microsoft for attracting new low-cost audiences to your business. New clients are waiting for you!

Import my Facebook Ads to Microsoft

Plans & Pricing

Choose the plan that best adapts to your needs and start benefiting from all our features.

Free forever


  • Default date-ranges
  • Ad performance monitoring and management
  • Unlimited ad accounts and platforms connection
  • Google Ads automatic creation + promo code
  • Microsoft Ads automatic creation + promo code
  • Manual alerts
  • Manual reports
Pay yearly and save 2-month's worth
Per month


Everything in basic and additionally:

  • Custom date-ranges
  • Google Analytics connection
  • Insights
  • Personalized ad optimization tips
  • SMART alerts
  • SMART reports

More information about Facebook Ads Automation tools

We will tell you everything you can do with Clever Ads. Our Facebook Ads Automation tools will help you with everything for your online campaigns!

What does Facebook Ads by Clever do for me?

This tool can help your business thrive, whether you're targeting local customers or trying to attract users from around the globe. As one of the most-used apps worldwide, Facebook Advertising makes it easy to drive traffic to your site. The range of advertising formats available on Facebook can position your business at the forefront, reaching customers who might have been challenging to engage with otherwise. At Clever Ads, our experts create and automate your Facebook campaigns at no cost.

Where will my Facebook Ads appear?

How does Clever's integration with Facebook Ads work?

How to optimize Facebook Ads campaigns?

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