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Grow your business by offering Google Ads campaign creation, optimization and management services to your clients by becoming a Clever Ads Partner.

Some of our most recent Clever Ads partners:

Get on board now with a Premier Google Ads Partner!

Have Clever Ads technology fully working for your clients and help them succeed with their Google advertising strategies.


Google Ads campaigns created by experts so your clients attract the highest quality traffic to their businesses.


Campaigns always on point. With ready-to-use tips available for achieving high-performing Google Ads campaigns.


A personalized dashboard that allows custom reporting and alerts so your clients are always in control of their ads results.


Your clients always supported throughout the whole strategy with the security of a Premier Google Partner.

How does it work?

Contact us and join forces. Together we can design the perfect integration that better adjusts to your needs and your clients’.

Complete the form

Tell us about your goals and needs in less than 5 minutes. Your privacy is guaranteed.

We design the plan

After evaluating if we’re a match, we’ll design a tailor-made partnership plan for you together.

Grow your business

Voilà! You’ll be boosting your client acquisition and growing your business easily and fast backed up by a Premier Google Partner.

All the power literally in your clients’ hands

Clever Ads technology allows your clients to create, control and optimize their Google Ads strategies from any device, anytime.

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Why Clever Ads?

Clever Ads creates ads quickly and ensures consistent optimization and improvement, easy management and all the support your clients need to succeed.

Because your goals are our goals

Partnering with Clever Ads will allow you to help your clients by automating the creation, optimization and management of their Google Ads campaigns.


Boost your client acquisition and speed up your results.


Give your customers what they are searching for.


Save hours of manual work thanks to our Machine Learning automations.


Avoid confusion and steep learning curves.


Boost your ROAS by investing your money efficiently.


Have a Premier Google Partner holding your back.

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Learn more about Google Partners and Google Search Partners

Become a Clever Ads Partner by offering Google Ads campaign creation, optimization and management services to your clients through our products, tools and integrations. Learn more about this here!

Collaboration that leads to success

Be a Premier Google Partner

Clever Ads, by belonging to the Google Partners program, has access to training, assistance and resources to help its customers in achieving their goals, as we said... Your goals are our goals! You can trust us. We will help you to boost your company and turn it into a reference in the sector.

The advantages of being a Premier Google Partner

As a Google Ads Partner, we have training and insights on all your processes and developments, and we are always up to date. Our team is constantly expanding our knowledge for you, to keep up to date with industry news so that your campaigns and those of your clients are always up to date. In addition, we have access to technical support from Google, we can contact them for you more easily, and we have access to product resources that can help you and your clients achieve your goals much more easily than if you were doing it on your own.

Three levels. We're at the highest

Google has three levels of partnership: member, partner, and premier partner. Clever Ads is a Premier Google Partner, a certification reserved for only 3% of Google's partners, the ones that they consider to have the best results of the year. Therefore, it is the most exclusive level of the program... Rest assured you’re in good hands.

The best PPC software for your online campaigns

PPC campaign creation, automation and management on Google Ads

Our services are supported by advanced technology based on Big Data and Machine Learning. Thanks to these advances we can create, optimize and fully manage our clients' Google Ads campaigns.

  • Very simple process: if you have an e-commerce or any type of e-business and if you are an agency and you need it for your clients, our integration will be fully adapted to your platform. We have integrations for the most popular platforms such as Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.
  • Very fast process: the installation of our tools is the fastest you have ever seen. In just 5 simple steps you will have everything you need to create and optimize your campaigns or those of your customers. It will only take you a few minutes.
  • At zero cost: It couldn't be cheaper! Become a Clever Ads partner with no agency fees. Your campaigns and/or those of your clients will be created, managed and optimized completely free of charge.

Boost your online business by becoming a Google Ads Partner and using this tool. A very powerful PPC software for online business developed and fully automated with machine learning.

Clever Ads Partner: installation in 5 steps

Are you ready to rock on Google Ads? As we said, our integration is super fast, you only have to follow 5 steps to complete the installation. We detail them below so you can boost your campaigns or those of your customers in Google Ads with all the guarantee of a Google Search Partner and based on our powerful PPC software for e-commerce and other online businesses:

  1. Link your store or business: the first step is to give us access to your Google Ads account so that we are able to create and upload your campaigns. We assure you that this is a 100% secure process, as we will tell you in the next section. Still don't have a Google Ads account? No problem! We will help you create it from scratch.
  2. What do you want to advertise? In this second step you have to select your products or services, that is, what you want to advertise on Google. Logically, the more you choose, the more users will see you (you or your client).
  3. Describe your business: to help you we need to get to know you and your business a little better. What do you offer? What makes your business unique? Note that now you are a Clever Ads Partner, your information will be safe - with it, we will use these descriptions for the ads of your campaigns.
  4. Finally, differentiation: it is time for customers to click on your ads, so we need you to tell us what is the strong point of your business; what makes it unique and makes it the best option. Remember that this information will be used in the description of your ads.

Let's get your campaigns going! By becoming a Clever Ads Partner, all our optimization software will be at your disposal for free. All your revenue will go exclusively to Google Ads.

Google Ads Partners - 100% secure process

We are the ideal ads partner for your business!

Don't hesitate and join us. Being our ads partner you will improve your portfolio of services... With the guarantee of a Premier Google Partner!

Free optimization of your campaigns and those of your clients as well as a better ROI (return on investment) in a totally secure process... And with the most advanced technology! What more could you ask for? Best of all, it’s free.

Save time, money, resources and maximize the ROI of your online marketing campaigns and those of your customers.

Who can benefit from our partner program?

Our Google Ads ad optimization services may not only be of interest to online stores, but also to different profiles, is yours one of them?

  • E-commerce platforms: for them it can be very interesting to become a Clever Ads partner and therefore, being able to offer their customers and merchants our free ad creation and optimization tool. As of today Clever Ads has optimized more than 150,000 online stores from different platforms such as Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.
  • Digital Merchants and Marketers: no matter if you are an agency or, on the contrary, a freelancer - we are dedicated to manage all kinds of collaborations with any company or professional profile, regardless of size and budget. Everything related to Digital Marketing? It's our field! Become our Ads Partner now!
  • eCom Saas Developers: We love to collaborate with other eCommerce applications to join forces and offer more complete services to our users.

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