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Our Google Ads certified experts, alongside our Google Ads Automation software, will create a Google Ads Tool suite so you get much more for much less. Creation, automation & optimization altogether.

Why Google Ads?

Grow your business, take advantage of promo codes, fine-tune your segmentation... Check out all the tools!

83% market share

worldwide as a search engine.

1.2 million

businesses rely on Google Ads.

2x the visitors

generated by SEO.

Create Google Ads easily

Enable your clients to discover you by effortlessly creating your Google Ads campaigns, it only requires a few clicks.

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Optimize your Google Ads easily

Don't waste your valuable time on campaigns - get customized recommendations with just a single click to enhance the performance of your Google Ads.

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Boost your advertising strategy with Google Ads Automation tools

Reach a more lucrative and less competitive audience. Uncertain? Our personal dashboard allows you to supervise and compare the outcomes of your various advertising platforms at your convenience, from any location.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the plan that best adapts to your needs and start benefiting from all our features.

$9 /Month
$83 /Year


  • Default date-ranges.
  • Unlimited Ad Accounts connection.
  • PMAX Campaign Creation.
  • Artificial Intelligence Ads.
  • Ad Performance Monitoring.
  • Audience Signals.
  • Manual Alerts & Reporting.
  • Basic Support.
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$15 /Month
$135 /Year


Everything in Starter and additionally:

  • Custom Date-ranges.
  • Campaign Optimization & Tips.
  • SMART Alerts and Reporting.
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$100 /Month
$900 /Year


Everything in Performer and additionally:

  • Premium Optimization.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Call & Priority Support.
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More information about Google Ads Automation tools

We will tell you everything you can do with Clever Ads. Our Google Ads Automation tools will help you with everything for your online campaigns!

What are these Google Ads Automation tools for?

Clever Ads offers Google Ads Automation tools to help streamline the process of managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns. These tools automate tasks such as bid management, ad creation, keyword research, and performance analysis, which can save advertisers time and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

What advantages will you get with these Google Ads Automation tools?

How does the Clever Google Ads Automation tools work?

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