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Why use our keyword planner?

  • Find your Google and Microsoft keywords in one interface.
  • Compare between platforms and discover opportunities.
  • Search, filter and upload directly from our platform. No need to download CSV files.
  • Find the perfect fit: get keyword lists and data by location, language and ad platform.

Filter your results

Search, order, and manage your results thanks to our advanced filters. Get the keywords you’re actually interested in and avoid wasting time exporting CSV files.

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Discover opportunities

This is where the magic happens. We’ll highlight and pre-filter some of the keyword groups that could bring opportunities for you in terms of competition, cost, traffic, or anything else that’s relevant. Easy peasy.

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Create keyword lists and get the last drop out of their power

Save and group your keywords in lists so you can manage them anytime on Clever Ads Keyword Planner. You’ll be able to create new lists from scratch, update, and merge them or transfer keywords from one list to another.

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Search for the right keywords for your business

Discover thousands of new keywords and get accurate results by filtering so you focus only on the keywords that really interest you. You're in control.

Create a new list or complete your existing list

Once you’ve selected your keywords, you’ll be able to create a new list for them or include them in an existing one. Manage them and play with them as you want - forget about Excel.

Upload your keywords directly to your ad campaigns

Easily upload your keywords from your lists to campaigns from any of your ad platforms in a few clicks. Locate the keywords you're missing in your campaigns at a glance and boost your performance.

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Beat competitors with our Chrome Extension

Browse competitor sites and discover which keywords are helping them attract traffic.

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Our best feature? Our users:

"I especially like the Chrome extension they developed, this way I can analyze similar websites and get ideas from the keywords they use. I also enjoy that I can download all the information related to the keywords for free so I can make better and more informed decisions."
Clever ads discount helped my online advertising strategy. Philipp Heinrich
Marketing Analyst
"The keywords I get from Google Keyword Planner are usually too generic and not very descriptive... that's why I prefer Clever Ads Keyword Research Tool. It gives me complete results as they get data from several sources, and also I don't need to have a Google Ads account or register anywhere."
Clever Ads activated a Google Ads discount for free. Ji Min-Ji
PPC Manager
"As soon as I included a bunch of new keywords I discovered through Clever Ads keyword tool, I could see an increase on the CTR of my Google Ads. Now that I bid for the keywords my audience is actually searching for, I stopped wasting money on attracting low quality traffic."

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Tons of people are searching for your services and products online. Unveil the keywords they are using.

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$9 /Month
$83 /Year


  • Default date-ranges.
  • Unlimited Ad Accounts connection.
  • PMAX Campaign Creation.
  • Artificial Intelligence Ads.
  • Ad Performance Monitoring.
  • Audience Signals.
  • Manual Alerts & Reporting.
  • Basic Support.
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$15 /Month
$135 /Year


Everything in Starter and additionally:

  • Custom Date-ranges.
  • Campaign Optimization & Tips.
  • SMART Alerts and Reporting.
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$100 /Month
$900 /Year


Everything in Performer and additionally:

  • Premium Optimization.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Call & Priority Support.
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More about Clever Ads Keyword Planner

Meet the revolutionary all-in-one keyword research tool for marketers and advertisers. Boost your SEO strategy now!

Features and benefits of our Keyword Planner

With this SEO tool, you will attract people who are truly interested in your business (products or services) by pinpointing the right keywords that your potential customers are actually typing in the Google or Bing search bar. The Clever Ads Keyword Planner is designed to outperform the competition by generating long-tail keywords that your business needs in order for its Google and Microsoft Ads campaigns to be successful. A good SEO strategy is essential for your site to perform well, and SEO is nothing without good keyword research. Let us help you!

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