Clever Ads Add-on Google Sheets: All your online ads metrics under control.

Effortlessly get detailed information about your marketing data for free with Add-on Google Sheets by Clever Ads. All you have to do is choose your data source and we will put all of it into Google Sheets and create summaries of the data for you!

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With Clever Ads Add-on Google Sheets, you can effortlessly get detailed information about your Marketing Data for free.


Choose your data source

Choose from Google, Facebook, or Microsoft Ads. We will display your data on Google Sheets to create summaries of your online advertising metrics.


Get accurate reports

Easily check your most important metrics and data, neatly organized on your Clever Ads personalized spreadsheet.


Make clever decisions

Get information and reports at all levels (campaigns, ads, keywords, search queries, countries, etc.) and make informed decisions on your strategy.



Automate your PPC data transfers and focus on what really matters.

Say goodbye to copy/paste.

Automate your PPC data transfers and focus on what really matters.

Work with clean data that’s ready for you to analyze it easily at a glance.

Clean and accurate.

Work with clean data that’s ready for you to analyze it easily at a glance.

The metrics you need to make the right decisions all in one place.

Get the right metrics.

The metrics you need to make the right decisions all in one place.

Figure out what is and isn’t working for  your advertising quickly and for free.

Access free reports.

Figure out what is and isn’t working for your advertising quickly and for free.

Waste less time collecting data and give yourself more time to think.

Save time.

Waste less time collecting data and give yourself more time to think.

Having the right information leads to better decisions - and better results.

Get better advertising results.

Having the right information leads to better decisions - and better results.

Made with love by Clever Ads, a Premier Google Partner

As a Premier Google Partner with over 150,000 valued customers, rest assured that the process is 100% safe and secure.
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Are you having any problem using this Add-on Google Sheets?

You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or by simply filling out the following form:

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Learn more about Clever Ads Add-on Google Sheets... Get all your metrics under control!

Learn more about our Add-on Google Sheets and its features. Gather all your important data and metrics on Google Sheets so that nothing gets overlooked.

Features, benefits and advantages

What can you do with Clever Ads Add-on Google Sheets?

Our Add-on for Google Sheets by Clever Ads offers you a free, fully automated tool designed to have the data, metrics and graphs you choose from your desired advertising platforms directly in Google Spreadsheets.

With this add-on, teamwork, reporting presentations and sending data to your colleagues will be much easier!

Save time and effort!

With all this you will manage to save two of the most valuable elements nowadays, your effort and your time, and you know what they say.... Time is money! With Add-on Google Sheets from Clever Ads you can stop copying and pasting data one by one from your Google Ads tools to tedious excel or presentation documents. You can now invest this valuable time in what really matters: your goals, your customers and you. What we want, after all, is that you have time to enjoy that morning coffee relaxed and unhurried. Reduce your stress by saving time and forget about the boring copy and paste that sometimes may also lead us to mistakes.

Your work much more efficient

As a consequence, your work and that of your team will be much more efficient, since, as we say, you will leave aside the copy and paste and you will elaborate your reports... In the blink of an eye! Efficiency and productivity are the maxims for using this Add-on Google Sheets from Clever Ads, these are the two main goals you will achieve if you install it now. What are you waiting for?

How to get the most out of Add-on Google Sheets by Clever Ads

All your metrics, data and charts in one place

It's very simple to use, in a few minutes you can get detailed and customized reports to make the best and smartest marketing and budgeting decisions.

Just choose your data source between Google, Facebook or Microsoft Ads, and we'll take care of the rest. What we will do is organize all this data in Google Sheets to create summaries and smart reports of your online advertising metrics. Making decisions about your campaigns has never been easier!

Detailed and effortless information

With Clever Ads Add-on Google Sheets, once you have chosen your data source, you will be able to easily and quickly check and analyze your most important metrics and data, which you will get clean and customized as you wish in Google Ads Spreadsheets documents ready to send, download... Or even present to your managers!

Why choose Add-on Google Sheets from Clever Ads

Google Premier Partner Guarantee

We are proud to be a Premier Google Partner, Google's loyalty program, which guarantees you that this process is 100% secure. We will not access or use your metrics for anything, we will only present them to you with our IA process so you can use them as you see fit. We respect your privacy 100%, more than 150.000 companies already trust us to help them with their online marketing campaigns... And they get the best results!

Totally free tool

Did we already mention that Clever Ads Add-on Google Sheets is completely free? Using our Google Spreadsheets add-on won't cost you a penny. You will have all your Google, Facebook, or Microsoft Ads metrics (or all of them) organized in a Google Spreadsheet at zero cost and saving your efforts and your time - don't risk your money or your time pointlessly!

The simplest and most affordable way to work in a team

Therefore and in conclusion, as you can see, installing our Add-on Google Sheets only brings you advantages and benefits at zero cost. We also recommend you to take a look at our other free tools, which can help you with everything that has to do with your marketing strategies and campaigns: paid campaigns auditor, keyword planner for your SEO strategy, our mobile app to have it all in your pocket device, integration with the most famous chats in the market... And many more! Take a look at our website and discover everything we have to offer.

Integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat

Set up your custom alerts and receive them in the chat you use in your agency, receive the graphs and metrics you choose about the performance of your online advertising accounts.

Google Ads Campaign Creator and Audit

Audit your campaigns and create new ones for free with all Google requirements and boost your sales.

Keyword Planner for your SEO strategy

Power your SEO strategy by looking for the most appropriate keywords for your products or services, find the best keywords for your campaigns.

Free Banner Maker for Google Display

Create, just like with our Google Sheets Add-on, for free, ready-to-use banner packs for your Google Display ad campaigns... In a matter of seconds!

Online campaign translator

Don't put limits on your business, advertise as you want and where you want with our free campaign translator, attract customers from anywhere in the world, multiply your reach and expand your sales.

Promo code for your Google Ads campaigns

Reach new buyers or start your Google Ads journey with this free $150 coupon to spend on your online ad campaigns. The metrics of these campaigns will be displayed in Google Sheets if you download our Add-on Google Sheets. Start advertising like a PRO with the Clever Ads promo code.

Clever Ads Manager App for cell phones

In addition to having all your advertising metrics in Google Sheets with the Add-on Google Sheets... Do you want to have all this information on your cell phone? With our Clever Ads Manager app you can centralize your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Microsoft, and Google ad metrics... In a control panel on your cell phone! All your online advertising data will be closer than ever, in your pocket.

Digital Transformation Pack

All our integrated tools will make your online business promote itself well, for free... And improve your results! Increase your sales and grow your business with our digitalization pack in just two steps, design a website easily and quickly, in less than a day, with our free online builder, and start advertising online and attracting traffic, sales, and loyal customers.

Online and personalized support

Do you still have doubts about it? Have you encountered any problem using our Google Sheets Add-on or any of our other tools? Don't worry, we are here to help you, we have a team of marketing experts ready to answer all your questions. Send us an e-mail to [email protected]

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