Create and optimize your online ads with the Addons PrestaShop by Clever Ads

The Clever Ads PrestaShop Add-on will allow you to create and optimize Google and Microsoft ads for your eCommerce quickly and easily. Get much more, for less!

Boost your store's online marketing

What our customers are saying about us...

They are doing amazing stuff. Quality of work at the fraction of the price. The best account managers.
 5 de 5 estrellas
Vince Care
I have used the app to create my Google ads. Great app, nothing needs to be changed. Thank you for this great application!
 5 de 5 estrellas
I used this app to help me to set up different campaign for my shop. This is a great app and very simple to use. I would recommend this to any advertiser for their shop. The assistance is excellent!
 5 de 5 estrellas
Go Nutra
I added this app a couple of months ago and have been working with a great team. OMG, I've learned more in 2 calls/meetings with them than in 20 years of wandering around the back-end of Google Ads. They will help you improve your online ad account through setting up different types of campaigns, strategies, whatever your Google Ads goals are. No matter your Google Ads skill level, I'm pretty sure Clever Ads will bring you value.
 5 de 5 estrellas
Hytek Tools
I am just starting to use this application and setting it up. My account manager is doing a great job guiding me through the setup process. Adding ads, clarifying language, and figuring out where to place ads. I am very happy with the results and we are getting conversions without much effort on our part.
 5 de 5 estrellas
Hells Canyon Designs

What Addons PrestaShop by Clever Ads offers you

Create, measure and optimize your campaigns from your custom control panel with Addons PrestaShop by Clever Ads.

Create your ads

Your online campaigns for Google, Microsoft and Facebook have never cost so little - fast and easy!

Create display, shopping and search ads and combine them to get the most out of your advertising account.

Optimize your campaigns, combining them to get the best performance in a very simple way... And avoid unnecessary worries!

Measure your results

With PrestaShop Addons by Clever, you will also get personalized tips for your store.

The budget of your campaigns... Always under control!

Optimize your investment

Boost your store metrics with the best tricks.

Everything is ready for you to make the best strategic decisions.

We don't just give you the data, we interpret it for you and add value.

Google CSS partner: achieve 20% cost savings

Uncover the advantages of partnering with our Google CSS program, a premier solution for your shopping campaigns that is both efficient & budget-friendly. Enjoy a remarkable 20% reduction in ad costs, enabling you to enhance your ROI significantly.

Try it now!
Feed Optimization
Revolutionize your advertising reach with our game-changing feed optimization techniques. Effortlessly fine-tune the information in your product feed, equipping Google with the necessary insights to effectively display your ads to the right individuals at the right moments.
Product classifier
Make the most of our CSS partner's specialized knowledge in product classification & performance segmentation to optimize your budget allocation & efforts. By organizing your products into targeted categories, you can identify key areas to focus on, maximizing the efficiency & effectiveness of your campaigns.
The most accurate metrics
Equip yourself with the power of our CSS partner's real-time metrics & dependable data, ensuring you have the most accurate insights at your fingertips.

Download the integration now

Try now our free integration with PrestaShop and enjoy the power of carrying all your campaigns in the palm of your hand.

Plans and Pricing

then $100/year


  • Manage more than 1001 products
  • Manage your data feed
  • Unlimited variations
  • Shopping campaigns creation
  • Support (via chat and email)
  • Access to other payment tools

Learn more about Addons PrestaShop by Clever

Improve the performance of your online store with our PrestaShop app. Want to know more?

Benefits and advantages of installing Addons PrestaShop by Clever Ads

What will you get with Clever Ads PrestaShop Addons? Simple and in a nutshell: we will completely take care of the creation, management and automation of your Google and Microsoft Ads campaigns.

  • Campaign creation: our account managers are experts in their field. With a little information about your store and in just 5 simple steps, they will take care of developing your campaigns using PrestaShop Addons. These campaigns will be designed to comply with Google and Microsoft policies and to ensure the success of your sales.
  • Ad management: delegate the management of your banners and display campaigns, leave it in our hands and we promise you 100% quality.
  • Optimization: we will not only create and manage your eCommerce advertising, but we will also send you reports on its performance, as well as tips and tricks for an efficient and profitable operation.

Addons PrestaShop by Clever Ads: what are its main features?

The best paid traffic (PPC) app for your PrestaShop online ads

Addons PrestaShop installation steps

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