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In this post we will be reviewing some barriers that marketers face when creating, comparing, reporting and managing their ads through different platforms. We want you to improve your business, and that is why we have created the Clever Ads Manager app to help you overcome any challenges.

Barriers faced when reporting and managing your ads

Marketers often try various ads platforms to spread their word. Many ads come from  LinkedIn or Twitter, however the most used platforms are Google, Facebook, Instagram and Microsoft. Each one of them with their own ads manager.

When looking for results on your campaigns you can access them with your computer and navigate between each platform to extract insights or compare results. However, this can be very time consuming and some marketers are often between meetings or events with no time to do so. There are apps designed to track this performance, but the problem of switching between apps can take a lot of time and getting a full comparison is very inconvenient. 

Here are a few apps you’d need to track the main platforms:

  • Google Ads: Mobile app for android and iOS
  • Facebook Ads Manager: Mobile app for Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads for Android and iOS. (Social media ads)
  • Microsoft Advertising: Mobile app for Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads).

Clever Ads Manager app capabilities

Before we get into it, keep in mind that the aforementioned apps will still yield valuable resources for their respective platforms. Barriers arise when you must understand and manage 3 different apps with all different capabilities and functionalities. You can be an expert on campaign creation but a differing view can make the process confusing. Especially if you are managing 3 different apps with different campaigns and different ad groups. 

Comparing all of them to view an overall performance of your platforms, campaigns or ads in your phone can be impossible or utterly time consuming.

It’s also extremely important to exercise an analysis of your campaigns (and any other useful data) to improve your business. By tracking your campaigns results over time and A/B testing them, you will be able to detect points of improvement that can result in optimization. 

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One ads manager to rule them all!

Clever Ads Manager is a free app for anyone that wants to control, improve and manage their online advertising like a pro. Available for Android and iOS.

We wanted to build an app that will help marketers save time by having an easy and direct view with full comparison between platforms, campaigns and ads. Being able to compare your main metrics such as conversions, cost and clicks for each platform in one view will save a lot of time. 

You will be able to do this for all the main ads platforms, including social media ads platforms: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Microsoft Ads.

We also wanted to guide marketers to improve their results and advertise their businesses and products effectively. Tipster is a feature in the app that will suggest applicable tips to improve your results and help you reach your target audience while reducing costs. Make sure your website is optimized and keep improving it to ensure the best results for your ads.

If you are only running ads on one platform, you can still discover the advantage of new platforms that can bring you even more traffic or better results. 

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