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Connect Google Ads and Slack – Integration in 2 minutes!

If you work or are interested in digital marketing, you probably use a messaging app at work and know about Google Ads. In this post, we’ll share our experience building apps so you can connect Google Ads with Slack.

What’s Slack?

If your workplace needs continuous communication and email is a tedious, unorganized option, you might have heard about Slack (or maybe Microsoft Teams or Google Chat). Slack is a work-oriented application that features real time messaging, video calls and file sharing with your colleagues. You can improve your Slack experience with with bots and apps. Using its free, open and well documented public API, with enough technical knowledge and a couple of minutes, you can bring your performance to the next level.

Building Slack Integrations

Slack offers many great tutorials for users to start using their API and the process is quite simple, but first you need to identify the problem and search for a reason why. Your reason can be anything from setting an alarm to scheduling a meeting. In our company’s case, we spend many hours on Slack as well as spending time looking at graphs and numbers in the Google Ads dashboard, so why don’t we merge them? We would always open a new tab in our browser for specific tasks, but checking impressions and cost could have been faster.

Building for slack can be tedious, but rewarding. First, go to the Apps page and click on “Create new app.” After giving the app a name and selecting your preferred workspace, the app is ready to use, though unable to listen to messages or provide interactive buttons. In previous versions of the bot, the user experience left much to be desired, but now new buttons, shortcuts, modals and selectors make up for a lack of customization. Programming languages and frameworks are not an issue, given that the API can be accessed via authenticated HTTP requests, so if you or your team want to work on a Slack app, you may find everything you need to develop at ease. If you feel adventurous, there is also Bolt, for Javascript developers, which is simple to use.

After creating the app you can explore all the possibilities, and decide how to interact with the bot. Shortcuts? Messages? Old but reliable slash commands? Everything in the home page? Slack offers many options, and you should make use of which you consider best. Using multiple options can overload the UX, making users unable to enjoy the app. When you have decided how you will utilize the app, you can start building messages using the Block Kit Builder, and your app will be ready to go!

Connect Google Ads with Slack

After a few months of developing and receiving feedback from our team and users, we ended up with a great tool for marketers. Currently, with Clever Ads for Slack you can:

  • Get insights from your advertising account any time by writing in the chat
  • Schedule reports, for a better and automatic visualization of last day/week’s performance
  • Set up alerts, so we’ll notify you when we detect unusual performance.
  • Receive tips for account optimization
  • Take a look at our smart reports, designed for you!

And we’re growing month after month to improve your experience! To start using Clever Ads for Slack, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the Slack integration
  2. Connect with your advertising account
  3. Explore the app!



But we don’t use Slack in our workplace…

Don’t worry! Clever Ads also has an integration with Microsoft Teams and Google Chat, so we can satisfy your needs. Moreover, if you don’t use Google Ads and use Microsoft Ads or Facebook Ads, this app will work with you as well. Clever Ads was primarily designed to connect Google Ads and Slack, but we expanded to reach more users like you!


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