Back to School Marketing Ideas

Back to School – Ideas for your Marketing Strategy

Back-to-school is a very important event for any marketer, but running a back-to-school marketing campaign has been different for two years now with the amount of changes we’ve undergone after (finally) overcoming the coronavirus pandemic, now with a more flexible and remote working model, and quite modern online tools for students. Your back to school marketing ideas for online campaigns should not promote indecision among your customers, so we’ve compiled some key points to address when creating and executing your strategy.

Do you know who your target audience is?

Here at Clever Ads, we’ve seen many online retailers flourish just because they have put their customers at the center of their universe. But who are yours? You need to decide whether or not your products and/or services are for students, teachers, or perhaps, parents.

Clever Tip: Many parents had to stay home with their children and become teachers in the process with the implementation of distance learning. Now, with the return to normalcy we cannot forget everything we have learned. Check your school district’s plan and focus on the needs of the parents, as they will be the ones spending money on additional school supplies.

Would your Products Make Distance Learning Easier?

If your answer is yes, why? Tell me, the consumer, why your product may make my life a bit more hassle-free. Is it a backpack that can be used as a school bag and an eco-friendly grocery shopping bag? Or is it a collapsible art easel that can be easily taken to my art classroom at school and brought back home if I have to social distance?

Clever Tip: providing scenarios like this in your product descriptions humanizes your brand.

Make It a Thing

Your brand should turn your customers into fans. It’s not impossible either. If your brand is invested in holidays and seasonal fun, your customers will appreciate it as it sets the mood to kick off the season – in this case, back to school. Make it exciting for kids to get ready for school by suggesting color coordinated supplies or even getting them ready for the school year by offering discounts to parents and teachers and small free prizes for kids.

Clever Tip: get kids to read or write by offering a free pencil case or a free coloring book depending on the grade level of the students you have supplies for. Maybe if they read a book or solve a few math problems, you can reward them for it while benefiting your back to school marketing strategy!

Online Store Updates

If you are selling supplies online already, you should try to mimic the look of a virtual classroom so students can browse through your product catalog as if they were at school. Make it fun! That’s what matters. Maybe add fun facts or random world history facts from a reliable source under the product description so it’ll make students want your products while giving parents and teachers that “wow factor” needed.

Clever Tip: if you haven’t made the switch to a digital retail space, be sure to look into our integrations for eCommerce Ads (they’re easy and user-friendly)

Keeping academia fun

Treat the school year as a fresh start while thinking about your company’s specific back to school marketing ideas and strategies. You might want to attract customers’ attention by offering specific deals on different days of the week. Or perhaps, display students’ art, poetry, or worksheets on social media in albums as an online gallery. Invite users to vote for their favorites and give the winner and discount for specific products that benefit their interests. For example, if a student is really interested in art and wins an online contest, offer him or her supplies at a discounted rate. If the student painted on a square canvas with watercolors, gift a canvas and give the student a coupon for the paint.

Clever Tip: have users post pictures and videos on your social media profiles for more content showcasing your products. Need to know more key dates? Don’t miss any special occasion by downloading our free marketing calendar.


Back to School - Ideas for your Marketing Strategy - Infographic


Back-to-school marketing! A strategy for the whole year.

School supplies aren’t just needed during the first few weeks of school; they’re needed throughout the year. Keep customers coming back to your digital and physical stores by offering a coupon or discount they can enjoy even when they do run out of pencils or red pens during the year. If you’re offering in-person deals, please make sure to follow the regulations in place in your country or region. If you are based in the United States, please adhere to the CDC guidelines.

Extra tip: have you had a chance to explore the PMAX campaigns initiated by Google and Microsoft? They’re certainly not to be overlooked!

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