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Google Keyword Planner Alternatives – Boost your SEO!

The most basic and golden rule of search engine optimization (SEO, for short) is to know how powerful your keywords can be in fueling and positioning your campaigns on the Google search engine. It’s all fun and games when setting up your first Google Ads campaign but sooner than later, you discover that choosing which keywords to use and how to use them can be quite the challenge. Along with establishing your chosen keywords comes having to navigate through various keyword tool strategies that can serve and benefit your campaigns in different ways, depending on your goals and target audience. For example, how do we find out which matching type strategy suits our keywords best? And how do I make sure that unrelated keywords don’t affect my positioning on the search engine? To make things simpler, an automated tool called the Clever Ads keywords planner can streamline this complicated process and serve as a time-saving alternative to manually and repeatedly adapting and optimizing your keyword strategy.

What is the Clever Ads keyword planner?

It is a tool that helps you create and manage your keyword lists. With Clever Ads keyword planner, you can create entirely new lists from scratch, merge them with existing ones later on or group them according to your needs. You will be able to search for keywords that are related to your business and also have the option to filter out results in order to see the most relevant and usable ones. From that list, you can easily upload your keywords directly to your Google Ads campaigns in one simple click without having to leave the keyword planner tool. After going through the Clever Ads keyword planner, you will be able to determine which keywords are worth your ad spend and which ones are just wasting your budget by failing to drive relevant and high-quality traffic to your online store.

The Key Benefits of Clever Ads Keyword Planner

Establish a clear budget strategy

Through Clever Ads keyword planner, you can determine the cost-per-click that your chosen combination of keywords will have. This way, you will be able to strategically develop your keyword list and stick to your budget.

Target audience segments

If your Google Ads campaign strategy involves targeting segmented audiences based on the different groups of products you offer, using the keyword planner to create and merge various keyword lists to upload directly to Google Ads can make this segmentation easier. It is likely that your groups of products can have similarities in usable keywords but can also vary distinctly and have other specifics.

Save time that you can invest into other aspects of your business

We are all too familiar with the famous keyword planning spreadsheet. This process can be omitted by utilizing and taking advantage of Clever Ads keyword planner’s simple optimization and automation. It is the SEO keyword research process made simple for you and your campaigns. By cutting the hours that this process would normally take, you will be able to invest extra time into other aspects of your online store such as design, creativity, operations and strategy.

Once you have set up and launched your first campaign using the keywords that you have sourced through Clever Ads keyword planner, remember to optimize! After successfully going through strategic keyword research and establishment, it is just as essential to follow through and continually improve your campaign quality with strategic optimization. The keyword planner can help you do so by generating and revising long-tail keywords that tailor and cater to different seasons and trends. It’s as simple as reviewing your old lists and adjusting them accordingly by generating new searches and adding those keywords to your lists or simply creating new groups. What are you waiting for? Discover your campaign’s search engine potential with Clever Ads keyword planner!

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