how to advertise online

What is online advertising?

Online advertising can be the perfect way to reach new customers, re-engage previous ones, or build brand awareness. There are several ways to advertise your online business, but there is a significant difference between paid and free advertising. Both are still very important, and building a common strategy can boost your sales while saving time. Let’s take a closer look at the different actions you can try to succeed in online advertising. 

How to advertise online?

To start your online advertising journey, it’s best to use various free and organic sites/resources that can boost traffic to your website. Lensa Connect Widget can be used to enhance your website with job postings tailored to your visitors’ needs. Not only will this increase engagement and attract more viewers, but you’ll also receive a payout for each click generated by your widget.


You may want to take an online course or read about SEO before starting, but SEO is an absolute must. It’s something you want to constantly nurture and improve, not a one time thing. 


Related to SEO, a blog can help position yourself in the top results of Google. Blog posting can attract potential customers looking for best practices or articles, while helping grow your SEO.

Social Media

Apart from advertising, social media is a great and easy way to gain exposure. Building good social media pages is very important in showcasing the content of your business to potential customers.

Local Listing

It’s very important to register your business so users can find you. Bing, Google Places or Yahoo!

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Best online advertising platforms

In order to maximize your reach you must combine the previous strategies with paid efforts. There are many different platforms to utilize, like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Microsoft Ads and other sites. Once you find which of them fits your business best, you’ll find yourself dealing with more and more conversions.

Keep in mind that there are multiple channels with less users, but can still hold many potential customers. This can be apparent with up and coming platforms, such as TikTok. Although this has already grown substantially in popularity, making it a good platform to approach.

Clever Ads & their online advertising tools

Clever Ads has tools that are built on saving you both time and money, all while boosting your overall sales.

For everyone

Clever Ads Manager

This is a low-cost mobile ads manager app that will allow you to track your performance and improve your online advertising campaigns.

For Google Ads

Google Ads Creator

Save time by having your Google Ads campaigns created for you and built to reach more potential customers.

Google Ads Audit

Improve your Google Ads in a seamless manner with our audit.

Google Ads Promo

Receive a coupon to assist in running your first Google Ads campaigns.

Google Ads Slack Integration

If you are a Slack user, you could have your Google Ads reports sent directly through Slack.

Google Ads Microsoft Teams Integration

On the other hand, if you are a Microsoft Teams user you can have your Google Ads reports sent here.

Keyword Planner

If you’re unsure about your keywords, you can receive a keyword strategy to maximize your Google Ads capabilities.

Google Ads Banner Creator

Banners are a visual aid to help your campaigns overall  performance, and here’s the opportunity to create them in a easier way than you ever thought possible. 

Google Ads Translator

Have your Google Ads campaigns translated and ready to run worldwide!


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