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10 Effective Ways You Can Grow Your YouTube Channel

There is something we can no longer ignore – video marketing! It has been around, more or less, since 2019, and is here to say. That’s a fact, and it is already reaching very high market shares. Social Media Channels are promoting it a lot, and YouTube continues to grow. Do you want to know how to grow your YouTube channel? Gaining subscribers will be easier if you pay attention to the 10 techniques that we recommend. Take note!

Focus on a Single Keyword or Topic in your Videos


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If there is one thing we know, it is that, in Google, SEO is very important, in addition to the priority of not talking about generic things, but about concrete things that provide extra value to the user. Right? Well, on YouTube, it’s the same thing. Build your videos around a single main keyword or a specific topic. This is essential! Don’t forget that this is a best practice in SEO and it is crucial to have everything optimized to reach the maximum number of viewers. Conduct good keyword research and squeeze the description of your videos to the maximum!

Reuse your Content, Change the Format & add Quality to it

Like everything else, the better our content is, the better our metrics will be. This applies not only to YouTube but also to the content for our blog and our social media channels. However, sometimes, especially when we are one or a few people in the company, we do not have enough resources to make a new video or post every day. This is where the ability to be versatile and reuse content comes in. Do you have a post on how to migrate from one platform to another? Reuse it in video format! Make a good how-to tutorial with extra added value and voila! Content will be more suitable for another part of your target, millennials and young people who hate to read and yet they will surely watch your video!

Try to Engage your Audience


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Ok. We can’t forget that Youtube is, after all, another social media network. And all social networks require: 

  1. That we are attentive to our users, answering their questions and comments.
  2. That we interact with them.

YouTube rewards the channels with the highest engagement, this implies metrics such as likes, permanence on the page, number of views, etc. For all of these metrics to be as great as possible, we must generate an audience by commenting and responding to interactions. At the end of the day, pampering and giving attention to our channel pays off.

Look Professional and Do Branding

So, your content is already great, but do users know you? Do they know your brand? Branding is something essential in any marketing strategy, and it is not less so when building a brand name in social media networks, and we have already said, we can not forget that YouTube is one of them. For users to be willing to subscribe to your channel, it has to look serious and professional, as well as interesting. And in case all this sounds like a lot of work, you can always consider outsourcing this to one of the video production companies. Just don’t forget to supervise the process in order to get the most out of it.

If users visually recognize that content belongs to your brand, you are doing it right. Look for something that separates you or your business from others, and use it to your advantage for your branding.

Another thing you must not forget, besides your visual branding, is to add custom URLs to your channel’s header, and also to write an interesting Bio about you, your channel, your business, and your products. n short, what your videos are going to talk about.

Promote Your Content in Your Other Networks and Media

One of the advantages of social media networks is that you can cross-promote your content on different channels. An easy way to make your videos flow is to share them on your Facebook channel, make small Tik Toks as teasers and so the user is curious and goes to the video, and we can not forget Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest. You have many channels to choose from, develop a good strategy, and an organized calendar of publications to generate engagement in all media so that everyone wants to see your videos. 

Don’t forget that your blog is also a great source of content, in fact, at the end of this Blogspot you will find a video summary of the tips we are giving you.

Of course, you can always invest in YouTube Ads campaigns to boost your videos and help them go viral, or to get more YouTube subscribers. We particularly recommend this for seasonal campaigns. 

Show your Face!

YouTube users are used to influencers and seeing the person behind a channel, so don’t be shy and show your face! One option, if your content doesn’t lend itself to you appearing in person or if you’re too shy, is to include an image of yourself on the cover or thumbnail of your video. This way your users will get to know the mind behind this great content and you’ll humanize your channel. At the same time, you won’t have to talk in the video.

Now, if you like to be the center of attention and you are good with the camera… Go ahead! Make videos in which you explain the content or give small introductions before each video with a short summary of what users will find. We love this Youtuber Guide to learn little tips about how to become successful in front of the camera. You are welcome!

Take Care of the Covers of Your videos and the Thumbnails

If you do it, do it right or, as Grandmaster Yoda says, “do it or don’t do it, but don’t try.” Where am I going with this? Well, while you’re at it, take care of even the smallest detail of your YouTube channel, and this means having good and unified covers and thumbnails of your videos. It is not only important for your brand image and to make your channel look visually beautiful, but it is also important if we talk about the Sidebar or YouTube Search. A good thumbnail usually helps to rank higher, and this will improve your CTR.

Take Advantage of Youtube Cards!

We have already mentioned during the post that on YouTube, as on other social networks and even on your website, the more time the user spends on your page, in this case, watching your videos, the better. Okay, so a little tip to encourage this permanence within your channel, is that you elaborate what is known as YouTube Cards, with which you can add additional recommendations to your videos at the exact moment when your users were going to leave you. Maybe, before leaving, they see other content of yours that interests them in these YouTube cars and stay on your channel, thus increasing the ranking of your channel.

Learn here how to add cards to your YouTube videos.

Try to Get the Maximum Number of Subscribers

Obviously, the number of subscribers to your channel is an essential metric, because, obviously, if a user is interested in your channel or likes your content, he will subscribe. Therefore you have to try to get as many subscribers as possible, it is the main objective of any social media strategy focused on Youtube. NEVER EVER pay for your subscribers! This will only generate a penalty by Google and will damage your metrics. 

Maintain a Stable Video Upload Frequency

Finally, let’s talk about how often you should post videos. Ideally, you should post one video a week. This may require a lot of effort on your part and investment of resources, but if you want to grow your YouTube channel like crazy, this is what you have to do. Besides, nowadays you don’t need to make a big media investment since cell phones have very good cameras and video editors with an inbuilt video trimmer function, so it will cost you much less to produce decent content. 

Our advice is to post once a week and try to post on the same day of the week and at the same time, and of course, keep your subscribers updated on when your next videos will be released, so everyone can stick to your schedule.

What would a post about YouTube be without a video? Here you go, a mini summary of the techniques and tricks we’ve mentioned throughout this post, and of course, subscribe to our YouTube channel!



  1. Wow, great article! Will surely use these tips to gain more subscribers! Thank you so much! Keep on writing and more power!

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