Shopify Coronavirus

Shopify Coronavirus – How is This Affecting eCommerce?

The world is living an extraordinary situation due to the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The lockdown has forced most of the physical stores to close their doors and lose contact with their potential sales causing a huge economic loss.

eCommerce during Coronavirus

There are a lot of store owners that are moving into the digital space with an online store in order to keep selling their products on Shopify during lockdown and shelter-in-place orders. We know that online stores can be a little bit tricky for first time users. There are a lot of things to learn in little time; that’s why Shopify has released some actions to help and support all their users:

  • Shopify made gift card purchasing available for all plans. With this option, your customers can show their support to your store by buying gift cards that they will be able to use later.
  • Instore pickup for online purchases: You can set this option for the customers who want to pick up their online orders directly at your retail location.
  • Extended 90-day free trial, so that new users can learn everything they need before jumping into the real business. If you are currently on a 14-day free trial, you will be able to extend it to 90 days.
  • COVID-19 dedicated community forum: Shopify has activated a COVID-19 exclusive forum where users can share their best practices and tips during this extraordinary situation. There is also a Shopify partners section where you can see how partners are doing their best to help the merchants by giving them special offers, like our 50% off for all Clever Ads’ products, or tips.
  • Live Events: Shopify is organizing weekly virtual programming designed to help your business as well as local community “meetups” to help you connect with other experts, so that you can take advantage of the knowledge they can bring you.
  • Shopify is constantly updating their blog with more useful and fresh content so that users can learn more about how to build a successful website and make your physical-to-online transition smoothly.

We also want to help the merchants during these uncertain times; that’s why we have activated a special offer for our Shopify Ads App products until April 30, 2020 at 11:59pm EST:

  • 50% off our Premium Plan: With this offer, you can get our Premium Plan for just 25€. With our premium plan you will be able to have created Google Shopping campaigns, campaigns optimization, support… and much more!
  • 50% off our Google Shopping campaigns creation service, with the price now at 12€. With this, we will help you with the Google Merchant linking and the creation of the Google Shopping campaigns once the setup is complete.
  • 50% off Custom Banners Creation, with a new price of 15€. With this, our graphic designer will design and create beautiful banners for your store and products. You will be able to use them anywhere!

Do you want to learn more deep about Shopify? We advice you to read this post about the best Shopify Courses!

As you can see, if you want to open an online store now is the time. We are all trying our best to help people to get through this difficult time. And don’t forget, #stayhome and stay safe. We will beat this virus and we will become stronger together!

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