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How to Generate More Sales Leads from Website Visitors

I bet you want to convert more sales leads from your website? Here’s our 5 principles for generating more leads and sales from visitors who land on your website:

  1. Attract the right kind of visitors
  2. Identify visitors’ interests and challenges
  3. Be available 24/7
  4. Engage with timely conversations
  5. Make it easy to convert!

Let’s take a closer look. So you want people who land on your site to leave a contact request or make a purchase – before leaving the site. It may not sound like that much, but these are big time commitments!

1. Attract the right kind of visitors

To succeed in this, first audit your website content. The site should talk about topics that are important to your ideal customers. Second, optimize for search – many buyer’s journeys begin with a Google search. Find out what your audience is searching for, and improve your website’s ranking for those keywords.

More ways to grow relevant traffic? Run organic and paid campaigns that target the most potential buyers. Make your offering stand out with high quality content and social selling efforts. Advertise in the channels where your ideal customers are. Getting the right kind of people to your site goes a long way.

2. Identify visitors’ interests and challenges

When you have that steady stream of potential customers visiting your site, you will want to understand how they browse the site. Use the analytics tools of your choice to answer for example these questions: Where on the website do visitors spend the most time? Where and why do they leave your site?

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Analyze user flows and the content of your website to find gaps where you’re losing potential business. Knowing these bottlenecks will help you turn them into profits. Each question left unanswered is an opportunity lost.

3. Be available 24/7

24/7 support is in the core of successful lead generation and online sales. Equip your team to handle requests and incoming contacts around the clock, and you’ll see that there’s a conversion opportunity in pretty much every contact you get.

Many of us can’ have a service team online all the time, so a good alternative is to outsource some of that online support work to bots. Chatbots can automatically handle most of the inquiries you receive. When needed, you can transfer the conversation from a chatbot to your service or sales rep. The key is that visitors can contact you whenever they want.

4. Engage visitors with timely conversations

When you know what information visitors are looking for, give it to them. Content design deserves its own article, but here’s one piece of advice: don’t say absolutely everything on your web pages. Instead, sharpen your focus and use interactive methods for engaging visitors to take the next step on their buyer’s journey.

A conversation is the most natural form of human interaction. They are truly effective at giving relevant information to visitors and moving them towards conversion. Modern chatbots can be used in the exact moment when the visitor needs an answer or wants to contact your business. Conversations are a better way to improve UX and increase conversions than traditional contact forms. Convert more leads by delivering relevant conversations and a great experience.

5. Make it easy to convert!

Last but not least, create natural points of conversion. Often websites simply have too few points of conversion or they rely on contact forms which only provide a one way interaction. Too often companies expect visitors to spend several minutes on the website and then seek out the Contact Us -page. In reality, visitors may land anywhere on the site, and you’d better have a conversion point waiting for them.

Think about it from a physical store’s perspective: if you owned a store in the city, you wouldn’t want customers to leave empty-handed just because they couldn’t find any personnel or the cashier. Providing enough natural points of conversion on the website is critical to your success in lead generation.

Have you had a chance to explore the PMAX campaigns initiated by Google and Microsoft? They’re certainly not to be overlooked!

Otto Antikainen is a Brand Marketing Specialist at Leadoo Marketing Technologies. Leadoo MT is a rapidly growing Martech SaaS scaleup that helps companies across industries convert more leads from their existing website traffic.

  1. You have shared excellent 5 principles for generating more leads and increasing sales from visitors who visit on the website. It is really helpful and extremely good article the growth of websites.

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