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Learn more about Clever Ads and our products

Want to know more about us? At Clever Ads we work hard to make your business prosper with all our tools developed with our clients in mind.

Who are we?

Meet the Clever Ads Team

At Clever Ads we have been working hard for years to form a multi-skilled, multicultural and open-minded team and, side by side... We have achieved it! The Clever Ads team is made up of more than 40 highly qualified professionals. We are a diverse team made up of people from 7 different nationalities.

We are basically divided into four main departments: tech development, machine learning, digital marketing and account management.

  • Tech Development: our group of developers are experts in working with APIS. They care about the user experience as well as the various needs that a business may have.
  • Machine Learning: we also have the support of data scientists, which are part of the multidisciplinary team and thanks to them we use the great power of Big Data to improve all aspects of automation, algorithms, bots... They are our geniuses!
  • Digital Marketing: how would we know the needs of a marketing department without one of our own? Our marketers are in charge of, besides seeing the need, giving a digital approach to everything, interacting with you, our clients, and providing you with a high quality service both in direct communication and through social networks, email,etc.
  • Account Management: they are the ones who manage Google Ads campaigns. Experts in online advertising, they are the ones who have the background and knowledge about all the features and updates of Google, and strive every day to improve the campaigns of our clients and to support all the needs of the accounts.

Where can you find us?

You can contact us via email at [email protected] or through any of our social networks. We are here to take care of you and listen to you, we will try to help you in the best possible way. However, if you want to know where we are physically located, we have three locations: one in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and two in Spain: Madrid and Malaga.

What we do?

Our Mission

At Clever Ads we want to help you and your business to avoid wasting time, resources, or money whenever we can. To put at your disposal the tools and resources created with our expert in digitalization, marketing and online advertising that we have created for free so that you can succeed in the great online competition. With Clever Ads, digital transformation is free and at your fingertips - look into all the possibilities we have to offer!

Premier Google Partner

Belonging to the Premier Google Partner program gives us the knowledge and tools necessary to help online businesses looking for an online friend. With our badge we guarantee a 100% secure and reliable process, from real and certified experts.

Clever Ads is a company recognized for maximizing the success of our clients' campaigns. We boost the growth of our clients through the maintenance of their campaigns - demonstrating our knowledge and experience in Google Ads and other areas... We’re certified! In addition, being a Google Partner, we have a wider range of benefits as we have direct contact with Google as well as a whole series of exclusive marketing materials that you can benefit from through us.

More than 150,000 companies have already trusted us and counted on our services when it comes to elaborating, establishing, optimizing and succeeding with their online marketing strategies: Google Ads campaigns, metrics, Display ads, SEO strategies.Trust us!

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From Clever Ads we kindly ask you to give us a chance. You will not regret counting on our services since we are Premier Google Partner that can boost results - for free. . If you’d like to become a partner, we are always open to connect.

What we offer

Google Ads campaigns

Join us now! Clever Ads’ technology is at your disposal. Use our tools in their entirety for your business or your clients and achieve success in your advertising strategies on Google:

  • Creation: Google Ads campaigns created by experts so your clients attract the highest quality traffic to their businesses.
  • Optimization: campaigns always on point. We offer ready-to-use tips available to achieve high-performing Google Ads campaigns.
  • Management: a personalized dashboard that allows custom reporting and alerts so your clients are always in control of their adresults.
  • Support: your clients always supported throughout the whole strategy with the security of a Premier Google Partner.

You will have a control panel customized just for you, so you can generate unique reports and alerts tailored to your needs. Only you have control of the results of your campaigns and strategies.

Our free tools for your business

We have created a whole series of tools that will help you with your business marketing strategies.

  • Google Ads Campaign Creator: you will have your campaigns or your customers’ campaigns created by a team of experts... For free! Our team of Google certified experts alongside with our automation software will work on creating optimized campaigns. More power to you!
  • Google Ads Campaign Audit: with the Clever Ads campaign auditor, you will get suggestions and tips on improvements aimed at strengthening the performance of your campaigns. All of them will be applicable tips, and will be organized according to their impact.
  • Google Ads Translator: with the Clever Ads translator, you can advertise wherever you want and attract customers from all over the world. Multiply your reach and awareness of your business and reach customers almost everywhere!
  • Keyword Planner: the keyword planner features powerful filtering and planning tools. You will be able to quickly and intuitively detect the most interesting keywords for you and your business. With just one tool you will have everything you need to perform complete keyword research.
  • Banner Creator: just enter your URL in the banner creation tool and your banners will be created automatically... In just a few seconds! Texts, images, logos... all included. Our banner maker is powerful for both desktop and mobile. Edit your banners wherever and whenever you want.

Our free integrations for your business

Not only have we created tools, but we also integrate seamlessly with other powerful tools on the market.

  • Google Ads Promo Code: apply a Google Ads discount and start advertising your business for free on Google. You will only have to activate the promotional code that we will provide you. Quick and easy - no gimmicks or fine print. Every business has the right to start their Google adventure with a little help.
  • Clever Ads Manager Mobile App: with our app you will have an ad manager for your business on your cell phone. You will be able to see your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Twitter Ads campaigns and their metrics - all in one place - with 360º reports on the performance of your campaigns. No more jumping from one platform to another!
  • Slack Integration: have you heard of Slack? With the Clever Ads integration, you will be able to set up customized alerts and receive them in the Slack chat as well as graphs and metrics related to the performance of your campaigns, and even schedule daily or weekly reports to track the growth of your metrics. All in your work chat.
  • Google Chat Bot: the Google Bot will become your PPC account performance assistant. You will be able to create alerts so you don't miss a thing, and get optimization tips for your online ad strategies on Google or Facebook.
  • Microsoft Teams Integration: you will be able to customize everything and decide which metrics and how to receive them in your Microsoft Teams chat. Filter which accounts you want to see, schedule your reports, and set up your alerts.
  • Add-on Google Sheets: all the detailed information about your marketing strategies combined with Google Sheets The easiest and most affordable way to interpret your data!

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