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Digital Advertising: How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Marketing Strategies

For many years in Clever Ads we have been talking about how online advertising has been gaining more and more presence among brands and companies to the point of often becoming their only choice when advertising their products or services. This was because at the time, the rise of the Internet led to more and more people using it, making it a turning point in how the world was structured until then.

We believe that with the development of artificial intelligence, we are taking a small step towards a new turning point as this will open up new ways of communicating and relating to our environment.

In this post I would like to talk to you about how AI can affect the way advertising is done. There are some key points that AI can change the way we know advertising and that we should take into account:

AI is capable of analyzing large amounts of data in near real time, so it is able to target an advertising campaign by adapting and finding the best possible audience in real time. Imagine having a marketing team working 24/7 constantly on optimizing your campaigns so that you get the maximum possible performance (Yes, I’m talking about Google’s Performance Max😁).

  1. Another capability of AI is the ability to draw conclusions through its algorithms. Instead of relying on generic parameters such as gender or age when segmenting a campaign, AI is able to draw conclusions and search among people who have the same interests, previous purchase data or browsing data.
  2. AI is able to change the message of your ads in real time, ensuring that it shows the best possible message to a potential customer. In the case of Google’s Performance Max campaigns it is able to combine the different titles and descriptions you have added to show them in a personalized way to customers based on the search term they have used.
  3. AI is able to generate images in seconds and thus reduce your costs exponentially. Imagine that you no longer depend on a team to design your ad images and that you can do it by just typing what you want in a text box. This way you ensure that you will always have new images for your ads and that they can work properly.
  4. The implementation of intelligent chatbots in stores also plays a crucial role in getting more sales. Imagine having an AI that is able to answer your customers’ questions in real time and at the same time recommend products related to their tastes or even offer them discounts to invite them to finish the purchase process. This can have a very positive performance to increase the conversion rate of your store.


In short, as you can see, we have a unique opportunity to continue growing. Just as the introduction of the Internet changed the rules of the game forever, the introduction and development of AI can also change the landscape forever, and those who adapt to this change first will be the first to win.



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