AI for Dummies

AI for Dummies: An Essential Journey into the World of Artificial Intelligence

In a recent collaboration between Clever Ads and Webescuela for the Monetiza23 event, we had the honor of having Adrián Melic, an Artificial Intelligence expert from Clever Ads. In this fascinating talk, Adrián introduced us to the world of Artificial Intelligence for beginners from a friendly and entertaining perspective. AI for dummies!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has advanced significantly in recent years, and Adrián took us on a journey from the basics to the practical applications of this technology in the field of online advertising.

Adrián highlighted the key role of tools like Chat GPT, which use language models to predict the next word with surprising accuracy. Although he clarified that it is not “true” AI but rather a powerful algorithm, he emphasized its effectiveness in specific tasks.

The talk continued with practical demonstrations of how to use Chat GPT to summarize articles, generate creative ideas for advertising, such as creating texts for Performance Max campaigns, and even creating children’s stories with unusual characters like a fox and a chimney-sweeping.

Furthermore, Adrián pointed out the versatility of AI in various areas, from website optimization and content creation to, as mentioned earlier, generating ideas for online advertising. He even shared examples of how it can be used to improve personal attire or receive suggestions for home decoration.

The potential of AI in the digital marketing field was emphasized, enabling the automation of complex tasks and the generation of enriching content. Practical use cases were mentioned, such as creating effective emails and optimizing product descriptions for online stores.

Adrián concluded his presentation by emphasizing the inevitability of the continuous advancement of Artificial Intelligence and encouraging the audience to harness this constantly evolving technology. He noted that we are in an early phase and that AI will continue to improve, urging professionals to adapt quickly to benefit from its ever-expanding capabilities.

This talk provided a fascinating insight into how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the landscape of online advertising and offering exciting opportunities for creativity and efficiency in digital marketing.

Interested? Here is the entire talk in video (sorry, in this ocassion it’s only available in spanish): 


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