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AI Tools Transforming Marketing Strategies

The digital era demands that marketing professionals adapt and embrace innovative technologies. In the recent online event #MONETIZA23, Judith Martin, Growth Marketing Manager at Clever Ads, provided valuable insights into how Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools can transform your marketing strategy. Here’s a summary of her recommendations and tips to take your strategy to the next level:

Google Analytics 4 (GA4): Elevating Analysis with AI

Become a true Performance Marketer and make your marketing strategy data-driven. The key is to make decisions based on your metrics. But what if you’re lost among all your data and don’t know where to start?

If you’re still accustomed to Universal Analytics and finding it challenging to adapt to GA4, Google Analytics, AI will be your best ally. GA4 offers advanced AI-driven features, from interface management to predictive audience generation. This tool is essential for obtaining valuable insights and making decisions based on precise and up-to-date data.

Questions You Can Ask Google Analytics 4:

✅ What is the bounce rate on my homepage?

This question will provide insights into the effectiveness of your homepage in retaining visitors. A low bounce rate indicates that users find relevant content and stay on your site.

✅ How much time do users spend on my website on average?

With this question, you can understand the average duration of visits. A prolonged time may indicate significant interaction, while a short time may suggest that visitors don’t find what they’re looking for.

✅ What are the most visited pages on my site?

Identifying the most popular pages will help you understand which content attracts your users the most. This allows you to optimize those pages and improve other areas of your site.

✅ How many users converted in the last advertising campaign?

By tracking conversion from advertising campaigns, you can evaluate their performance and adjust future strategies. This is essential for maximizing return on investment (ROI).

✅ What is the predominant demographic among my loyal users?

Knowing the demographics of your loyal users helps you personalize your content and marketing strategies to meet their specific needs.

✅ What are the most effective traffic sources for conversion?

Identifying traffic sources that generate conversions allows you to focus your efforts on more effective channels, optimizing your customer acquisition strategy.

✅ How does user behavior vary on mobile devices versus desktop?

Understanding the difference in behavior between mobile devices and desktop allows you to optimize the user experience for each platform, improving retention and conversion.

Creation of Visual Content with AI

In the realm of visual content creation, Judith presented two key tools:

➡️ Synthesia: Converts text into video in minutes, adds scripts, and generates voices and avatars in over 120 languages.

➡️ Microsoft Designer: Allows enhancing AI-generated creatives from its editor, offering the ability to customize with the brand color palette.


Optimization of Conversion with AI Tools


In the conversion optimization section, Judith mentioned tools such as:

  • Zyro – Heat Maps: Generates heat maps based on screenshots to anticipate where users will focus more on a web page.
  • Clever Ads – Pmax Campaigns: Combines artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and creativity to take your advertising campaigns to the next level. Try them, here.

Exploring New AI Tools in Directories

Judith Martin concluded her talk by encouraging participants to explore application directories such as Product Hunt and Futurepedia.. These directories can be valuable sources to discover additional tools relevant to e-commerce strategies.

Discover the Potential of AI in Your Strategy

In summary, AI tools are revolutionizing how we approach digital marketing. From data analysis to visual content creation, artificial intelligence offers significant opportunities to optimize your strategies and improve productivity.

Discover the potential of these tools in the following video! (sorry, it’s only available in spanish)


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