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Campaign planner: set up your marketing calendar

Seasonal marketing campaigns are an expert way to create brand awareness and drive conversions all year long. They also require plenty of advanced planning. Don’t lose track of time! Fill out the form to download our FREE Campaign Planneer now to make sure you take advantage of every seasonal opportunity. 

What does our Campaign Planner include?

At the heart of any good seasonal marketing strategy is a well-organized marketing calendar outlining when to start running campaigns for a specific holiday, when to increase bids for certain keywords, when to stop campaigns etc. Our calendar includes all the important dates and holidays in 2024 for you to base your seasonal marketing strategy around. It also includes expert tips for optimizing your Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Social Ads to help you create the best possible seasonal advertising campaigns for your business.

In the downloadable Clever Ads Campaign Planner, you will find:

  • All the key dates of the year: This includes the most well-known dates, such as Valentine’s Day and Black Friday, as well as holidays that you may not know about, such as Holi Day (India) or Three Kings Day (Spain), that may be important to your customers.
  • Actionable insights for seasonal campaigns: our experts will advise you on when is the best time to start campaigns for each holiday, when is the best time to increase bids, etc.
  • Free tools to boost your campaigns and save you time like our campaign builder, banner builder, and keyword planner… All of them are very easy to use!

The beginning is the most important part of any job!

Plato probably didn’t have digital marketing in mind when he said this, but it is definitely true of seasonal marketing campaigns! If you get started early building a strong organizational foundation for your 2024 seasonal campaigns, you are much more likely to bring traffic and conversions than if you just tackle seasonal opportunities as they come. Have a plan – don’t get caught flat-footed!

Our Campaign Planner is YOUR organizational tool to use how you like, but if you are unsure of where to get started, here is a brief checklist that you can use as a guide:

  • Decide which holidays you want to organize seasonal marketing campaigns around. Think about which dates are important to your clients and which holidays are relevant to your business.
  • Set an approximate budget for each seasonal campaign.
  • Do an initial individualized keyword research for each campaign/date. 

By completing the above checklist and having a preliminary outline for how each seasonal campaign is going to operate, you can hit the ground running and create the best campaigns at the right time with the right budget. Rather than cramming last minute and hastily defining budget, keywords, etc., you’ll be prepared to focus on the most important aspects of your campaigns and wow your audience. 

Download our Campaign Planner now and don’t forget to check out our Free Resources to take advantage of every seasonal opportunity.

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