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Keys to Master Banner Ads Design with Clever Ads Banner Maker

It’s certainly a tough time for banners, with around 30% of internet users having ad blockers. Advertisers have to work extra hard to have their Banner Ads noticed and clicked on by users.

Creating a high-performing Banner Ad depends on two main factors: 

In this post we’ll focus on both factors, placing special emphasis on Banner Ad design’s most useful practices. We will also provide a full guide on how to use the Clever Ads Banner Creator which creates Banner Ads that comply with Google’s best practices and require no real effort from you.

Conquering the Google Display Network – why Banner Ads?

Banners are often cheaper and are shown on a wider range of sites. Which makes them very effective and worthy in terms of creating brand awareness.

Display ads are not as target oriented as other types of ads, such as Search ads. With Banner ads, you are capable of reaching people even if they’re not searching for you or what you have to offer.  Making it so the audience you reach is much wider but less qualified.

This does result in lower Click Through Rates, but also a very affordable way to advertise your business and have it show up on some of the most-trafficked sites.

Where will your Banner Ads be displayed? 

This is up to Google’s algorithm, or up to you if you chose to set it up manually. However, in both cases you (or Google) will choose among Google-owned sites and the sites that have accepted to receive ads from Google in exchange for money, also called Adsense sites

As mentioned before, you can choose the sites manually or give the freedom to Google to do it for you:

If you let Google choose for you, it will take into account the information collected about you and your business when choosing the placements that best fit you according to your objectives.

If you want to choose the places where your banners will be displayed,  you can either choose them specifically or select keywords you find relevant for your own purposes. You can learn how to perform proper keyword research and then use Clever Ads keyword planner to find the keywords that best fit your business.

keyword planner to do banners correctly

You can also target your demographics (geographic location, gender, marital status, income, age, etc.), your device, etc., to display your display ads towards the most targeted audience possible. 

Retargeting Ads as the best-performing Display Ads type

The best-converting type of Display Ads are Retargeting Ads. This makes sense as these types of ads target people that have already visited your website. Which means that they are already aware of your brand and business and have expressed some amount of interest (through using your app, visiting your site, watching your videos, etc.).

Another great thing about Retargeting Ads is that you can target segments like cart abandoners, visitors of a specific landing page on your site, people that have already converted, and show a banner ad specifically designed for them. All of this accumulates into higher conversion rates.

Companies searching to improve their conversion rates are continually coming to the conclusion that proper targeting is the answerer. Well-targeted ads can push and nurture your prospects further in your conversion funnel. As we just explained, there is no better way to target prospects than through Remarketing Ads. 

In this case, segmenting your audiences is not only about using different ad copies but also about imagery and context. That’s why following the Banner Ads design best practices is important when running Remarketing campaigns.

Keys to design successful Banner Ads that actually work

Now that you’ve gotten a general sense of how Display Ads work and why it’s important to configure them correctly, let’s dig into how to design well-performing Banner Ads. 

Any type of business, no matter the size, is capable of following the best practices of Banner Ads for creating engaging ads that don’t only lead to clicks, but to actual conversions.

1/ A Banner Ad should include: your brand’s logo clearly visible and displayed with a 1:1 or 4:1 aspect ratio, a headline with your value proposition, an image or visual representation of your service or product and a call-to-action button.

banner example

2/ Select a high-quality image that clearly displays what you want to advertise. The perfect image should include a physical setting, with organic shadows and lighting over a real background.

3/ Avoid confusing designs like collages or overlaid texts. Simple pictures tend to have a better performance than complex creativities. In reality, many Display Ads introduce a fair amount of blank space to present a clearer message. 

banner structure example

An easy way to do all of this is by compartmentalizing your Banner Ads elements for a balanced layout. The result will always render great-looking and simple ads. 

4/ Your headlines should be clear and descriptive. Any viewer should understand the message easily and at first sight. Google recommends not writing any headline that exceeds 80 characters

The fewer text the better. Our personal recommendation is that your text should fill 20% or less of the Banner Ad. Let’s follow the KISS principle (having nothing to do with the rock band) and Keep It Simple, Stupid.

5/ Try to be specific in your messaging. Avoid too generic of texts that might be misleading and WRITING EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS.  

6/ Be convincing. To do so, take advantage of any promotions, deals, offers, coupons, discounts, bargains or exclusives you have and display them clearly. This will give viewers a reason to go to your site and make a decision.

7/  The landing pages to where your Display Ads lead should be relevant to the Banner Ad designed. This should be applied at all levels:

  • The call-to-action should state what they’ll find on the landing page. If it says “call us”, then a phone number should be included with the landing page. If it says “get discount”, then your landing page should include that promotion. And so on and so forth. You should always keep in mind that the CTA is the most important part of your Display Ads, so having it optimized is crucial for an increase in leads. This should also be the most visually distinct element.
  • The banner should also match visually with the landing page where it leads. This way you won’t stop the user’s flow and the landing will be a continuation of the Banner Ad. If a prospect clicks on your Banner Ad, you don’t want to confuse them by shifting all your branding to something completely different.

how we will show your products

Now that you’ve gathered enough information on how to master the art of Banner Ad design, you’re ready to take your Display Ads to the next level. 

But don’t overwhelm yourself, continue reading to ease any nerves or tension…

Clever Ads Banner Maker: How to have your banners created with no effort 

Let’s be realistic, most people don’t have the time to create each of the banners they need while making sure it follows all of Google’s requirements and best practices. On the other hand, not everybody counts on a budget to hire a graphic designer to do the work. 

If you are in this situation, then using Clever Ads’ Banner Maker, which takes into account all of Google’s best practices when creating your Display Ads, might just be for you. Let’s see how it works!

Create your Banner Ads automatically or manually with Clever Ads Banner Maker

The Clever Ads Banner Maker allows you to choose between having your Banner Ads automatically generated so you don’t have to lift a finger, or creating them by yourself if you want to personally choose the assets included on each banner.

Banner Maker Manual Creation

If you select manual creation, all the assets displayed in the Banner Ad you create will be up to you. The Clever Ads Banner Maker will require the following:

1/ Select a banner template.

2/ Upload a logo and a main image.

3/ Write a headline and a description with your value proposition.

4/ Select the font for your banner texts. 

5/ Type your website URL (if you want it to appear on the Banner Ad).

6/ Select a CTA including text and color. 

7/ Choose your Banner Ad colors.

8/ Type the Banner Ad link, or the site URL to where the Banner Ad will lead.

At the Clever Ads Banner Maker Editor dashboard you will be able to see how your Banner Ad looks as you are providing the assets and information. 

Banner Maker Automatic Creation

Want to have everything created for you with zero effort needed? Got you covered! We will scan your website and take everything we need directly from it. After we create your Banner Ads, you’ll be able to make changes directly from Clever Ads Banner Maker Editor dashboard. 

That’s cool, but does Clever Ads Banner Maker make sure my Banner Ads are well-designed even if I choose automatic creation? 

Whether you chose manual or automatic creation, we make sure your Banner Ad complies with the best practices possible for having the desired performance:

A/ Clever Ads Banner Maker makes sure your Banner Ad has the right sizes. We create your Banner Ads in the best performing sizes allowed by Google: 300×250, 300×600, 320×100, 336×280 and 728×90. 
B/ For having clear and legible Banner Ads, it’s very important to choose a good typography. It doesn’t matter that your ad has great images or colors, if your audience can’t read your value proposition then they simply won’t click. Clever Ads will never let this happen! Our Banner Maker allows you to choose from 17 fonts, all of them clearly legible. This way you can select the one that best fits your business, and all the options we offer have been tested and proved to have a good performance.
C/ All of our Banner Ad templates aim to have a simple and balanced design by having clear “compartments” for each Banner Ad input
D/ Clever Ads makes sure to limit the text to fit 20% of the Banner Ad to make it well-performing and easy to understand at first sight. 

Great! And what do I do once I have my Banner Ads designed by Clever Ads Banner Maker?

Once you have all your Banner Ads ready, you can download them in AMP or PNG. You will receive them by email so then you can upload each of them to the Google Display ad group you desire. 

In terms of strategy, we recommend you create 3-4 Banner Ads per ad group. This way you can test different messages and creativities. Then it’s easy to cease the ones that are underperforming and boost the ones that convert the most.

We will save your Banner Ads, making it so you can always come back to Clever Ads Banner Maker for making changes or improvements in your Banner Ad design. 

Google recommends renewing Display Banner Ads continually for improvements. Improving 1% in your click-through-rates could have a great impact in your income depending on the amount of traffic you bring to your website through Google Advertising.

Conclusion: Give Clever Ads Banner Maker a try!

If you want to increase your brand awareness and reach, Display Ads are an effective and affordable way to get there. They cost less than Facebook Ads and other Google Ads types such as Search Ads.

A good Banner Ad design separates successful companies that get conversions in their Display Ads strategy, from those that waste money on clicks. Designing well-converting Display Ads doesn’t only increase your revenue but also helps lower your cost per acquisition, therefore improving your ROI. 

We want to help. That’s why Clever Ads developed a Banner Maker that you can use anytime. 

Keep yourself updated on our Banner Maker’s new features, we will soon be implementing the following:

  • Allow you to upload your banners to Google Ads directly from Clever Ads Banner Maker.
  • Create complete Google Display campaigns for you, both automatically and manually.
  • And much more!

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