Google Ads for eCommerce Guide

Google Ads eCommerce: the Ultimate Google Ads Guide

Have you started a new eCommerce store and you’re struggling to get some traffic to your website? Or are you a consolidated store trying to get new customers? No matter what your current situation is, we are sure that Google Ads can help you with brand awareness and acquisition strategy of your store. Do you want to learn more about how Google Ads can boost your store’s performance?

Let’s begin!

What is Google Ads for eCommerce?

Google Ads is the paid advertisement services that Google offers. By using it, you can easily set ads of your eCommerce for the different keywords that you’re interested in. This way, you can attract potential customers that are looking for the products you are selling. Not only you can use the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) but also set banners for the Display campaigns that will appear on all the websites that are affiliated to the Google AdSense program. The impact is assured!

 Why should I use Google Adwords for my eCommerce?

This should be the first question that you’re asking to yourself right now: “What can Google Ads do for me?” Let’s see some of the main reasons why you should waste no more time and start running Google Ads campaigns:

Google’s massive reach

Almost 90% of the people who search something on the internet, they do it by using Google. If you use Google Ads, you will have access to all these people searching on Google for the products you are selling.

Easy to measure

With the dashboard that Google Ads provides us, we will be able to easily check main metrics, how the campaigns are performing and what aspects should be improved.

You have full control of your budget

You can choose how much are you willing to pay for each click and also set the maximum daily budget that you want to invest on your campaigns.

Google Ads provides faster results than SEO

By using Google Ads you can get your store to the first page of Google fast and easily. This a good strategy to do while you are still optimizing your web’s SEO.

Google Ads can provide useful metrics of your store

Combined with Google Analytics, you will have a lot of useful information and see which things can be optimized or changed for better.

Google Ads automation

So, after reading what Google Ads is and the benefits of it, you must be thinking something like: “Yeah, let’s do Google Ads”. Then you will find out that there are things that you won’t know about at the beginning. Things such as: CPC (Cost Per Click), CTR (Click Through Rate), Keywords bidding, Quality Score… etc. And you will probably be thinking about spending time and effort trying to watch some tutorials on the internet before or even worse, give up on Google Ads.

But what if I tell you that there is a solution to all these problems? A solution that will allow you to learn about Google Ads, waste no time to start setting up your SEM strategy and run the campaigns easily. This solution is called Clever Ads and is right in front of you!

Clever eCommerce Solution

What can Clever eCommerce Ads solution offer you?

Automatic Google Ads campaigns creation

We will take all information of your products and transform them into keywords and ads for your Google Ads campaigns (Search, Display, Remarketing & Google Shopping)

Banners Creation

We will use your products’ pictures to create banners for your Display campaigns.

Account optimization

We will assign you a personal account manager who will make sure that your Google Ads campaigns are running smoothly and as intended.

Multilingual campaigns

Do you want to start selling in different countries? We can help you create campaigns in different languages so you can reach new markets and customers!

Seasonal campaigns

Do you want to have an extra push in Black Friday, Halloween or Christmas? We can create specific campaigns for you that will allow you to increase traffic and sales!

Products Updates

Did you add more products to your store inventory after the creation of the campaigns? No problem, we can manually add those new products to the campaigns for you.

Google Merchant feed management

We will take care of the products’ uploading process to the Google Merchant (requirement for the creation of Google Shopping and Dynamic Remarketing campaigns)

Email and chat support

You will be provided with a direct chat with your account manager, so that you can easily contact him/her anytime to make the changes that you need.

Set account alerts

You can configure alerts that will be sent to your email. Unusual number of clicks? Impressions? You choose what metrics you want to track!

Clever Ads’ solution is available for the main CMS (Content Management Software).

As you can see, Google Ads can be a really useful tool to boost your eCommerce, getting you traffic and potential customers.

Extra tip: are you familiar with the PMAX campaigns carried out by both Google and Microsoft? They’re quite remarkable and worth your attention!


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