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Best Marketing Apps You Should Download Right Now!

Today we will be reviewing the best mobile business apps. We will check out the best apps for small businesses specifically. From social media management apps to project management apps. Your mobile phone has unlimited app possibilities – most of them at no charge to you. Download them to improve your business processes.

1 Grammarly

grammarly logo


Grammarly helps you by correcting typos when communicating. In an email, a Facebook post or even a Tweet, Grammarly will help you avoid misspelling. The keyboard will automatically scan the text and spot errors. By the way, this one is completely free!

2 Canva

Canva Logo

Create quality graphics with a very intuitive creativity creator while wasting no time to learn how to use it. It is ideal for social media posts on the go. Canva provides templates and there is a huge library of images to use.

3 Buffer

buffer logo

Schedule posts on your social media account with ease. Buffer’s free plan will allow you to use up to 3 social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest). Being able to manage 10 posts per platform at the same time. It’s quite the time saver for your social media posts.

4 Clever Ads Manager

clever ads manager logo

If you are running advertising campaigns in different platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads or even Twitter Ads, you will be able to view a full comparison between all of your campaigns with Clever Ads Manager. Create new campaigns, pause them, or improve them with optimization tips. This low-cost app becomes a real time saver while improving your campaigns.

5 Mention

mention logo

Mention will make you select certain keywords to receive notifications when those keywords are used anywhere online. From blogs, sites, or social media accounts. Mention has a paid plan starting at $29.

6 YouTube Studio

youtube studio

For those marketers in the run, YouTube Studio will allow you to manage your brand account and content anywhere. Monitor analytics, update a new video, reply comments, manage playlists, and much more!

7 Asana

asana logo

Asana is the one of the project management tools we would like to highlight for you. Make communication easier between teams. Manage tasks or track projects from your mobile phone.

8 Trello

best marketing apps: trello logo

Trello is the second project management app we’d like to mention. It can be used for teams or individuals. With a simple card system for different tasks, you will have a bird’s eye view on how tasks are being carried out and add new ones. Planning is key to success!

9 Feedly

feedly logo

Feedly is the perfect marketing app to discover new content for your social media strategy. Subscribe to social media feed, discover the newest content, and boost engagement. It integrates with Buffer!

10 TED

best marketing apps: ted app

The TED app has a huge amount of presentations. You can access the best presentations worldwide, watch them to get inspired or share them directly on your social media accounts.

11 Expense Manager

best marketing apps: expense manager logo

And last but not least, let’s talk about the Expense Manager app. Manage your budget from your phone easily. Organize bills and track all your expenses. It includes a calculator, a currency converter, and it is very customizable. There are always options to manage your business finances with Expense Manager!


Being able to discover new apps that work for your business and provide great results is a must for any marketer. Take some time to try each one individually and measure results to understand which are the best business apps for you. 

Now without getting into much detail, let’s review the best Google apps for businesses.

-Google My Business: A must for any company.

-Google Analytics: Having quality data for your business is key to make decisions.

-Google Ads: Run Google Ads campaigns to spread the word, optimize for conversions, or drive traffic to build awareness.

-Google Drive: Store your docs, spreadsheets, and any file in the cloud. Access it anywhere, anytime – and if you have no internet access, work offline with Drive.


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